Hi there,
on most gaming platforms or communities I’m known as Nogamara or Armagon.

When I started blogging about games I used to play mostly WoW (with too many alts) on EU-Aggramar (then I moved my main to Chamber of Aspects to continue raiding in Pandaria, then came back in Legion). In spring 2014 I stopped playing WoW as my main MMO, then came back for WoD and Legion for a while. Since later in Battle for Azeroth I’m playing actively again.

The first games I played were Sim City and King’s Quest in the mid-90s. I am not a console gamer, but I’ve had a SNES, got a GBA in late 2002 and an XBox 360 in late 2010 but it’s hardly used except for Rock Band and streaming. I liked Skylanders and some LEGO games though.
I’m being told I rant a lot. That is mostly true.
I never said this blog was only about MMOs, but my non-MMO gaming exploits¬†these days can be summarized as “laughably small”. I think most people sunk more time into GTA V than I spend playing non-MMOs in a typical year. Make that 30-40h?
I’m only updating this page every few months or years, so it will absolutely only be a rough snapshot ūüôā

Guild Wars 2 characters

Started in Spring 2015 on Ruins of Surmia (EU) with a Norn Warrior

  • Norn Warrior, Male, Level 80
  • Human Thief, Female, Level 80
  • Norn Guardian/Dragonhunter, Female, Level 80
  • Sylvari Ranger/Soulbeast, Male, Level 80
  • Human Mesmer, Female, Level 80
  • Asura Necromancer,¬†Female, Level 70
  • Charr Engineer, Female, Level 3x
  • Charr Revenant, Male

WildStar Characters

EU-Jabbit (Ex-Lightspire) (PvE), mostly Exiles, never got around to raiding.

  • Aurin Spellslinger, Soldier, Male, Level 50
  • Mordesh Stalker, Explorer, Female, Level 50
  • Human Exile Medic, Scientist, Female, Level¬†4x
  • Granok Warrior, Settler, Male, Level 2x
  • Mordesh Engineer, Soldier, Male, Level 1x
  • Chua Esper, Scientist, Level ~15 (Dominion, obviously)
  • Mechari Engineer, Level 50 (can’t remember, maybe boosted?)

SW:TOR Characters

I’m playing on DE-Tulak Hord (I used to be on Jar’Kai Sword, PvP until November 2017 and before that on The Restoration Zone until September 2012)

  • Mirialan Jedi Sage, Male, Level 75
  • Cyborg Powertech, Female, Level 75
  • Chiss Sith Juggernaut, Male, Level 75
  • Twi’lek Scoundrel, Female, Level 75
  • Zabrak Commando, Female, Level 75
  • Human Operative, Male, Level 75
  • Twi’lek Mercenary, Male, Level 75
  • Miraluka Jedi Sentinel, Female, Level 75
  • Mirialan Jedi Shadow, Female, Level 75
  • Sith Pureblood Sith Assassin, Female, Level 75
  • Human Sith Marauder, Female, Level 75
  • Cathar Jedi Guardian, Male, Level 68

When 70 was the max level (Dec 2016 – October 2019) I had 10 characters at max level, 5 of them at CL 300 (Sage, Powertech, Juggernaut, Scoundrel, Commando).

At launch and in the “Rise of the Hutt Cartel” expansion my only character at 50/55 was my Sage and the only alt with a meaningful level of 20+ was my Powertech until I came back to the game in October 2017. I’ve raided (for progression) briefly at launch, and saw a few operations in 2018-2019 with my new guild, but those were more like a training academy for noobs, so I don’t count them.

EVE Online Characters

Well, somehow this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in a game without levels or classes, does it?

I have an older (mid-2013) HighSec character who originally specialized in Mining and Gallente ships (<3 Drones), but is now (summer 2020) also in NullSec and my main again. He’s on the way to fly all subcaps.

I also have a younger NullSec character that has been in Brave Newbies on and off since late 2014, now (summer 2020) on a second account and specializing in Frigates/Destroyers/Interdictors.

I’m not past 75m SP combined, so still pretty much a noob. Also no capitals planned, at least not seriously.

WoW Characters

I’ve always had a goal of having every class at max level. Until Cataclysm I had failed. Mains in bold:

  • Vanilla: 60 Orc Rogue and 53 Tauren Druid, nothing else over 30
  • TBC: My 70s were Orc Rogue, Tauren Druid, Troll Warrior, Blood Elf Warlock, Orc Shaman, Human Rogue.
  • WotLK: My 80s were Orc Rogue, Troll Warrior, Tauren Druid, Orc Shaman, Blood Elf Priest,¬†Undead Mage, ¬†Blood Elf Paladin, Orc Hunter and another Human Rogue (hey, it’s Alliance!). ¬†Those who never made it to 80 on time were a 73 Undead DK and a 78 Blood Elf Warlock.
  • Cata:¬†All done! (With a second Rogue and Warrior at 85, second Hunter at 80, third Warrior at 60, third Rogue at 41)
  • MoP: All classes at 90¬†besides¬†Pandaren Monk (85). Backup characters: Rogues (90 Human, 90 Gnome, 41 Night Elf), Warriors (90 Night Elf, 85 Goblin), Hunter (80 Troll), Shaman (80 Dwarf)
  • WoD: Level 100: Rogue, Warrior, Shaman, Priest. Rest unchanged from MoP.
  • Legion: Level 110: Shaman, Rogue, Warrior, Hunter, Warlock, Demon Hunter, Paladin (and 7 more at 100+, again everything except Monk)
  • BfA: Now this escalated a little and due to Heirlooms, time, and having fun the goal was changed to “1 per class per faction at 120”
    • Rogue: Orc, Human, Gnome, Mag’har
    • Shaman: Orc, Dwarf
    • Warrior: Troll, Night Elf, Goblin
    • Paladin: Dwarf, Blood Elf
    • Druid: Worgen, Tauren
    • Demon Hunter: Night Elf, Blood Elf
    • Warlock: Blood Elf, Mechagnome (at 50 post-squish)
    • Mage: Undead, Kul Tiran Human
    • Death Knight: Undead, Draenei
    • Monk: Pandaren, Dark Iron Dwarf
    • Priest: Blood Elf, Worgen (at 50 post-squish)
    • Hunter: Orc, Dwarf
  • Shadowlands: Leveling got a lot quicker, but why break traditions?
    • Warrior: Night Elf
    • Shaman: Dwarf
    • Paladin: Dwarf
    • Rogue: Human
    • Hunter: Dwarf
    • Demon Hunter: Night Elf
    • Warlock: Mechagnome

As you can see, I like playing Orcs. As you can’t see, I don’t like playing Blood Elves, but they just… happened. I started the (Female) Warlock in the first or second week of TBC. Hey, new race! Then I started the Priest (Male this time) together with my girlfriend’s Female Blood Elf Priest. And I don’t like Trolls in dresses. Finally, there was no other choice for my Paladin. Been thinking about race changing the Paladin to Tauren and Priest to… anything, really – but I’m too cheap to buckle up the money.

WoW Raiding:

At early level 60 I only ever did PvP (up to rank 11) and only then went to Raiding.

  • Vanilla: ZG, AQ20, started with MC, then TBC hit.
  • TBC: Karazhan, Gruul, Magtheridon, TK, SSC, MH, BT – no SWP sadly.
  • WotLK: Naxx25, Naxx10, Ulduar10 (no Algalon), Ulduar25 (first 4), ToC10+ToC25 (all on normal), Heroic ICC 10 (cleared)
  • Cata: Cleared Hc Blackwing Descent, 1/5 Hc BoT, Hc TFW, nearly killed ¬†Ragnaros in Hc FL, then went 4/8 Hc DS.
  • MoP: MSV, HoF and TES cleared on normal, then in the new guild 2/12 Hc ToT and 9/14 Mythic SoO.
  • WoD: No raiding
  • Legion: No raiding
  • BFA: No raiding
  • Shadowlands: Castle Nathria 3/10 Heroic

Final Fantasy XIV characters:

I was pretty happy to see that I can be all the classes on one character. I play a Female Miqo’te on Omega on the European Data Center (Chaos). My original focus was Bard, Warrior, and White Mage (all 65+) but I also played a bit of Paladin and Dark Knight (both 50). I have not reached Shadowbringers content yet.

Other MMOs I played:

  • Ragnarok Online, a few years on euRO Chaos with an 8x Rogue <3, 96 Bard (with no build, levelled solo on Geos), 8x Falcon Hunter (totally skilled in a wrong way), and a lot of max. 7x chars: Battle Priest, Holy Priest, Assassin, Baby AGI Knight, Battle Blacksmith, Alchemist. Came back for a month on fRO and iRO Restart each.
  • LotRO, a few lowbie chars on DE-Morthond
  • Runes of Magic, but I hated it (Avalan, 55 Druid/52 Scout on Draiochta)
  • Anarchy Online, but I don’t remember much
  • Marvel Heroes, started around Christmas 2014 and played on and off until it shut down
  • TESO (as of summer 2017, barely started levelling a Khajiit Nightblade)

Other MMOs that sounded interesting but haven’t tried (yet):

  • FF XIV (very much) started playing in 2019!
  • The Secret World
  • Rift
  • Crowfall (will it ever ship?)

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