Hi there,
on most gaming platforms or communities I’m known as Nogamara. I’m on the Fediverse and on the Blaugust Discord and I don’t stream. (Twitter got cancelled in 2023.)

This blog is about nothing in particular (but mostly limited to games), but it’s more of a diary of stuff I do, usually in MMOs. You won’t find any detailed reviews or analysis of gaming news here.

When I started blogging about games I used to play mostly WoW (with too many alts) on EU-Aggramar Horde and a few server moves later I’m mostly on EU-Tichondrius Alliance now. From spring 2014 to mid-Battle for Azeroth in 2019 I had basically stopped, with a few 1 month visits inbetween. I guess WoW has been my main MMO, but this is not a WoW blog per se.

The first games I played were Sim City and King’s Quest in the mid-90s. I am not a console gamer, but I’ve had a SNES when it was new, a GBA in late 2002 and an XBox 360 in late 2010 but it’s hardly used except for Rock Band and streaming. I liked Skylanders and some LEGO games though.

I’m being told I rant a lot. That is mostly true.

The massive list of my MMO characters and when I played which MMO that used to be here now has a dedicated page: MMOs & Me

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