MMOs & Me

This list was an appendix to my about page until it got out of hand. It’s part list of characters, part timeline of when I played and part desktop note so I can look up stuff for games I haven’t played in a while.

World of Warcraft

I’ve played “properly” (i.e. more than a month checking it out) in every expansion since Vanilla, except WoD and Legion, although I’d give my active times as 2006-early 2014, and late 2018 until now.

I’ve always had a goal of having every class at max level. Until Cataclysm I had failed. Mains in bold:

  • Vanilla: 60 Orc Rogue and 53 Tauren Druid, nothing else over 30
  • TBC: My 70s were Orc Rogue, Tauren Druid, Troll Warrior, Blood Elf Warlock, Orc Shaman, Human Rogue.
  • WotLK: My 80s were Orc Rogue, Troll Warrior, Tauren Druid, Orc Shaman, Blood Elf Priest, Undead Mage,  Blood Elf Paladin, Orc Hunter and another Human Rogue (hey, it’s Alliance!).  Those who never made it to 80 on time were a 73 Undead DK and a 78 Blood Elf Warlock.
  • Cata: All done! (With a second Rogue and Warrior at 85, second Hunter at 80, third Warrior at 60, third Rogue at 41)
  • MoP: All classes at 90 besides Pandaren Monk (85). Backup characters: Rogues (90 Human, 90 Gnome, 41 Night Elf), Warriors (90 Night Elf, 85 Goblin), Hunter (80 Troll), Shaman (80 Dwarf)
  • WoD: Level 100: Rogue, Warrior, Shaman, Priest. Rest unchanged from MoP.
  • Legion: Level 110: Shaman, Rogue, Warrior, Hunter, Warlock, Demon Hunter, Paladin (and 7 more at 100+, again everything except Monk)
  • BfA: Now this escalated a little and due to Heirlooms, time, and having fun the goal was changed to “1 per class per faction at 120”
    • Rogue: Orc, Human, Gnome, Mag’har
    • Shaman: Orc, Dwarf
    • Warrior: Troll, Night Elf, Goblin
    • Paladin: Dwarf, Blood Elf
    • Druid: Worgen, Tauren
    • Demon Hunter: Night Elf, Blood Elf
    • Warlock: Blood Elf, Mechagnome (at 50 post-squish)
    • Mage: Undead, Kul Tiran Human
    • Death Knight: Undead, Draenei
    • Monk: Pandaren, Dark Iron Dwarf
    • Priest: Blood Elf, Worgen (at 50 post-squish)
    • Hunter: Orc, Dwarf
  • Shadowlands: Leveling got a lot quicker, but why break traditions? Level 60 chars:
    • Warrior: Night Elf, Troll
    • Shaman: Dwarf, Orc
    • Paladin: Dwarf, Blood Elf, Lightforged Draenei
    • Rogue: Human, Orc, Gnome
    • Hunter: Dwarf, Orc, Pandaren
    • Demon Hunter: Night Elf, Blood Elf
    • Warlock: Mechagnome, Blood Elf
    • Priest: Worgen, Blood Elf
    • Druid: Worgen, Tauren
    • Death Knight: Draenei, Undead, Vulpera
    • Monk: Dark Iron Dwarf, Pandaren
    • Mage: Kul Tiran, Undead
  • Dragonflight: We’re at 10.2 and I’ve yet to level Horde chars 🙁
    • Warrior: Night Elf
    • Shaman: Dwarf
    • Paladin: Lightforged Draenei
    • Rogue: Human
    • Hunter: Pandaren
    • Demon Hunter: Night Elf
    • Warlock: Void Elf
    • Priest: –
    • Druid: Worgen
    • Death Knight: Draenei
    • Monk: Dark Iron Dwarf
    • Mage: Kul Tiran
    • Evoker: –

WoW – Raiding

At early level 60 I only ever did PvP (up to rank 11) and only then went to go raiding on my Rogue.

  • Vanilla: ZG, AQ20, started with MC, then TBC hit.
  • TBC: Karazhan, Gruul, Magtheridon, TK, SSC, MH, BT – no SWP sadly.
  • WotLK: Naxx25, Naxx10, Ulduar10 (no Algalon), Ulduar25 (first 4), ToC10+ToC25 (all on normal), Heroic ICC 10 (cleared)
  • Cata: 6/6 Hc BWD, 1/5 Hc BoT, Hc TFW, 6/7 Hc FL, 4/8 Hc DS.
  • MoP: MSV, HoF and TES cleared on normal, then in the new guild 3/12 old Hc ToT and 9/14 new Hc SoO.
  • WoD: No raiding
  • Legion: No raiding
  • BFA: No raiding
  • Shadowlands: Castle Nathria 9/10 Heroic, Sanctum of Domination 10/10 Heroic AOTC, Sepulcher 11/11 Heroic AOTC (all as Fury, with some offtanking)
  • Dragonflight: Vault 8/8 Heroic (Enhancement) AOTC, Aberrus 9/9 Heroic AOTC, Amirdrassil 3/9 Heroic WIP (Fury unless noted otherwise)

WoW Classic

I started playing WoW Classic when it launched with a group of friends, mostly on my Male Tauren Arms Warrior, with an Female Undead Rogue alt. The main group fizzled out at around Level 46 (with my Rogue being 35), but some of the others leveled their Hunters to 60 solo.

We came back for TBC Classic and with the XP changes some of us now ground up to 58, some boosted. We continue going through the content (and dungeons) at our own pace in a group of four, pugging the last spot for dungeons. I boosted a Tauren Druid alt to 58 and nearly reached 70 on her.

Final Fantasy XIV

I started late in February 2019 during the Stormblood expansion and was pretty happy to see that I can be all the classes on one character.

I play a Female Miqo’te on Omega Louisoix on the European Chaos Data Center. My original focus was Bard, Warrior, and White Mage (which I brought to 65/61/53 before Shadowbringers launched) but then I stopped and only came back in summer 2021, when I reached Level 80 and finished Shadowbringers with 6 jobs at 80: Bard, Warrior, White Mage, Dancer, Machinist, Paladin. In Endwalker I raided Savage for the first time and finished (so far) with 12 max level jobs (all 4 tanks, 3/4 healers, all 3 ranged , 1 melee, 1 caster + all gatherers & crafters.


I’m playing on DE-Tulak Hord (I used to be on Jar’Kai Sword, PvP until November 2017 and before that on The Restoration Zone until September 2012).

  • Mirialan Jedi Sage, Male, Level 75
  • Cyborg Powertech, Female, Level 75
  • Chiss Sith Juggernaut, Male, Level 75
  • Twi’lek Scoundrel, Female, Level 75
  • Zabrak Commando, Female, Level 75
  • Human Operative, Male, Level 75
  • Twi’lek Mercenary, Male, Level 75
  • Miraluka Jedi Sentinel, Female, Level 75
  • Mirialan Jedi Shadow, Female, Level 75
  • Sith Pureblood Sith Assassin, Female, Level 75
  • Human Sith Marauder, Female, Level 75
  • Cathar Jedi Guardian, Male, Level 68

When 70 was the max level (Dec 2016 – October 2019) I had 10 characters at max level, 5 of them at CL 300 (Sage, Powertech, Juggernaut, Scoundrel, Commando).

At launch and in the “Rise of the Hutt Cartel” expansion my only character at 50/55 was my Sage and the only alt with a meaningful level of 20+ was my Powertech until I came back to the game in October 2017. I’ve raided (for progression) briefly at launch, and saw a few operations in 2018-2019 with my new guild, but those were more like a training academy for noobs, so I don’t count them. I’ve not leveled in the latest expansion, Legacy of the Sith, yet.

EVE Online

I have an older (mid-2013) HighSec character who originally specialized in Mining and Gallente ships (<3 Drones), but is now (2021) also in NullSec and my main again. He‘s on the way to can fly all combat subcaps.

I also have a younger NullSec character that has been in Brave Newbies on and off since late 2014, now (summer 2020) on a second account and specializing in Frigates/Destroyers/Interdictors and venturing into Battlecruiser down stuff. And then an army of alts, most not noteworthy.

I’m past 100m SP on my main, but still pretty much a noob. Also no serious capital usage planned, but I can fly some.

Guild Wars 2

Started in Spring 2015 on Ruins of Surmia (EU) with a Norn Warrior

  • Norn Warrior, Male, Level 80
  • Human Thief, Female, Level 80
  • Norn Guardian/Dragonhunter, Female, Level 80
  • Sylvari Ranger/Soulbeast, Male, Level 80
  • Human Mesmer, Female, Level 80
  • Asura Necromancer, Female, Level 80
  • Charr Engineer, Female, Level 6x
  • Sylvari Revenant, Level 80, boosted

WildStar Characters

EU-Jabbit (Ex-Lightspire) (PvE), mostly Exiles, never got around to raiding. It was a fine game, but simply didn’t make me switch from WoW.

  • Aurin Spellslinger, Soldier, Male, Level 50
  • Mordesh Stalker, Explorer, Female, Level 50
  • Human Exile Medic, Scientist, Female, Level 4x
  • Granok Warrior, Settler, Male, Level 2x
  • Mordesh Engineer, Soldier, Male, Level 1x
  • Chua Esper, Scientist, Level ~15 (Dominion, obviously)
  • Mechari Engineer, Level 50 (can’t remember, at some point I logged in and found this character I didn’t remember. Maybe used a boost I had?)

Other MMOs I played

  • Ragnarok Online, a few years on euRO Chaos with an 8x Rogue, 96 Bard (with no build, levelled solo on Geos), 8x Falcon Hunter (totally skilled in a wrong way), and a lot of 7x chars: Battle Priest, Holy Priest, Assassin, Baby AGI Knight, Battle Blacksmith, Alchemist. Came back for a month on fRO and iRO Restart each.
  • LotRO, a few lowbie chars on DE-Morthond
  • Runes of Magic, but I hated it (Avalan, 55 Druid/52 Scout on Draiochta)
  • Anarchy Online, but I don’t remember much
  • Marvel Heroes, started around Christmas 2014 and played on and off until it shut down 🙁
  • TESO (as of summer 2017, barely started leveling a Khajiit Nightblade)

Other MMOs that sounded interesting but haven’t tried (yet)

  • FF XIV (very much) started playing in 2019!
  • The Secret World
  • Rift
  • Crowfall (as of early 2021 still “upcoming” – will it ever ship?)