Back in New Eden – 2022 edition

Resubscribed to EVE and have been logging in and undocking again daily. I’m a bit rusty, but it’s slowly coming back.

Was a bit meh on the price hike but when they did the 3 month Omega + 3 month MCT again I caved in – actually had been eyeing to resub for a week or two before that but glad I held off, but there were actually different reasons for waiting. So now I’m on two Omega accounts instead of three and we’ll see how that will play out.

I hadn’t properly played since October if zkill is to be trusted, and realistically, for my playstyle that’s accurate.

Big patch landed yesterday, r/eve is mostly meh as usual but apart from a few graphical glitches and the Mumble Overlay not working with DirectX 12 I’m good.

Path of Fire complete

Not too long ago I finished Path of Fire after rejoining with my leveling partner after a few years 😛

I liked the expansion and it was fun, although it was actually a little too easy with two people. Maybe we’re still a little traumatized from Heart of Thorns at launch where we’d regularly die to a single pack while just trying to get to a pojnt of interest…

Only the final boss fight is really annoying and we died a lot, but I wouldn’t say it’s ‘hard’ hard, just.. bad? Maybe you can find out how to position yourself better and to kill what in which order, but it’s not very intuitive. I had the feeling I was always standing in something on a melee char if I wanted to hit something, the Mesmer had it slightly better.

Also what’s with the story instances and only the main person being able to click anything?

Anyway, we also found out that you can get the Jackal if you don’t have the third Skimmer skill yet (higher jumps) if a Mesmer gives you a portal to get onto the ledge so you can run up to the Heart quest (or teleport to friend also works, I guess?). I was so looking forward to this and now I’m happy.

Jackal Mount

Next up is Living World Season 4 that we plan to tackle as a duo next week, then probably try to catch up with the story, but I haven’t thought End of Dragons yet and I think we have Season 4 and Icebrood Saga to go anyway.

Not what I wanted, but I’ll take it

Didn’t play much properly this week, but I’m still going to Tempest Keep for my T5 Rogue Chest.

Didn’t drop, of course (on Rogue one of two doing this).

Ashes of Al’ar

But I’m not complaining this week.

Edit: it’s the next morning, 12 hours later, and I ran again with the Human Rogue and it actually dropped! Deathmantle is complete, no more Tempest Keep! 😀

New goals in WoW

Guess it doesn’t take long until I find myself some new goals in the form of boxes to tick.

Not sure how much sense it makes, but I’ve been pushing a lot more characters through the Zereth Mortis story now, and also leveling up the Cypher for gear, doing the World Boss every week and so on.

Just got my legendary belt on the Mage, which makes her the 11th toon to finish the story line, only Monk and Priest missing. Incidentally she also hit Renown 80, also the 11th. Which means there would technically be 7 classes where I’ve not brought the Cypher to Level 6 of 6, so there would be 252 gear drops from WQs and dailies. That is a thing I am not sure how long I can stomach, but the first 2 alts (besides my main) don’t need anything from ZM anymore (just Trinkets below 252/or part of 246 Tier set pieces) and two more only need one item each, so on those I’m only filling the weekly bar, doing the puzzle daily WQs (or other very quick ones) and going for a 252 weapon. “Only”, still a ton of stuff to do but right now it’s soothing and maybe my brain needs the rest and the mindless grinding away.

I’ve also done a few more M+ on my Shammy, healing and going Elemental. After the lucky 275 Main Hand and completing the 4 set Tier bonus it’s now only down to practicing… and on my main I’m now 90ish points away from the mount, slowly edging myself closer with 10 points here and there until I can get one of the two missing keys in a Fortified week…

WoW Addons in 2022

For no particular reason besides the whole CurseForge/Overwolf Launcher thing (and Wowup stopping to work) I recently dug deeper into my list of installed addons, something I’ve not done since Shadowlands launched.

So here’s a list I guess, and while writing down and sorting it I’m hoping to get rid of a few. Maybe it works.

  • Prio 1: UI and stuff I simply can’t play without
    • Bartender4 (Bars)
    • PitBull4 (Unit Frames)
    • Bagnon (one bag that works just like I want it to work)
    • BagBrother (where are all the items on alts?)
    • BugSack (no error popups)
    • MoveAnything (move stuff around, esp. the talking heads)
    • Prat (chat)
    • Scrap (sell all grey items)
    • SexyMap (cleaner minimap)
    • SimulationCraft
    • StatBlock_ZoneText (where am I?)
  • Prio 2: Raiding and still very important
    • BigWigs (raid warnings)
    • Details (damage meter)
    • Examiner (inspect people!)
    • ExRT/MRT/MythicDungeonTools
    • Grid2
    • HandyNotes + HandyNotes_Shadowlands
    • Mapster (better map)
    • Masque/Masque_Caith (this is just how my WoW has to look)
    • OmniCC (better cooldown display)
    • Quartz (could be replaced by some WeakAuras)
    • WeakAuras
  • Prio 3: I’d hate to lose this
    • Altoholic
    • Bazooka (a bar at the top to collect icons and show info)
    • Broker_PlayedTime
    • Broker_XPBar (Fan update) (I like it while leveling)
    • LittleWigs
    • nivBuffs (Masque skin + better time display for buffs/debuffs)
    • Quester (coloring completion of quests)
    • TomTom (sometimes stuff is hard to find and Wowhead has coords)
    • VenturePlan (not a fan of the command table)
    • WorldQuestTab (just a quicker overview over World Quests)
    • BetterWardrobe (a bit undecided on these 3, but I hate to lose out on missing transmogs)
    • CaerdonWardrobe
    • CanIMogIt
  • Prio 4: Nice to have
    • AstralKeys
    • ChampionCommander
    • GoGoMount
    • MasterPlan
    • MazeHelper
    • NomiCakes
    • StatBlock_Coords (they’re on the minimap after all)
  • Prio 5: Not strictly necessary, I might just get rid of them now
    • Ara_Broker_XP
    • SavedInstances
    • StatBlock_XP
    • WorldQuestList

Yes, that’s a big list. After playing this game for over 15 years I have opinions on how stuff should look and where it should be on the UI though. Also some choices of the default UI just drive me nuts. And some systems are just not fun without some addons (command table and its predecessors in other expansions).

Then again I wouldn’t classify too many of them as really complete modding, or immersion-breaking. IF this was FFXIV I could get rid of the most important ones, Bartender, Bagnon, MoveAnything, and PitBull. And Altoholic because not every item is strewn across 20 alts.

Also this is not a recommendation, it’s just how I run. Interestingly I am not 100% sure if the above list is correct, because a lot of addons put multiple folders into the Interface\Addons directory, so I might as well have missed a few, especially the DataStore ones. After cleaning out it should be around 42, such a nice number.

Obligatory screenshot how it looks

Diablo Immortal

Everyone knows (I hope) that mobile games have a bad reputation for being money sinks, but if only half of this is true (and I have zero reason to think that not everything is true) then Diablo Immortal might be the worst pay2win/money grab I’ve ever had the displeasure of hearing about:

“Preach Reacts to Bellular’s Diablo Immortal Video”

Also small disclaimer: Usually not a huge fan of reaction videos, but in this case it’s kinda “watch one video and get the opinions of three people I value without having to watch several videos”.

Wow, it’s bad.

WoW, the near future, and some soul searching

Last night I wanted to log into WoW and the launcher helpfully said: “14 minutes of subscription left”, which ended my three month experiment of using WoW tokens bought with ingame gold. I still have around 750k-1m, but spread over 3 factions on 2 servers, so I actually resubscribed with money again because I don’t want to go out of my way to grind or feel even a little pressure to save up money from callings or other weeklies. I wanted to go three months first, but then I chose six, I’m having fun right now, raidlogging through the summer is a feasible way of playing (as I found last fall/winter in out in 9.1) and it’s a buck less per month, also a free mount that I forgot to look at yesterday 😛

The more devious deal is that they have 8 character transfers for 80 EUR on sale right now – one is typically 25 EUR, which is complete bonkers, but it’s often marked down to 17.50 EUR and there’s a 3 for 35 deal I haven’t seen. So the thing is, since I transferred my Warrior main and Shaman alt last summer I’ve not really logged back in to the old server, I only ran three toons through Zereth Mortis last week. And while I did talk to my old guildies again for the first time I don’t really feel I belong there anymore, so I could take this chance to move the bulk of my chars to the new server without breaking the bank or rerolling even more.

I have 5 60s in decent gear here on the new server and so there would be 7 missing classes, which is kind of a good match as well, I only regret leveling and gearing a new Paladin, but I like my new Hunter more than my old one 😛 I could also finally move my original classic Rogue off of the server with all my Horde toons, but I already have a Rogue on the new server. So in any case a few toons would stay behind, but that’s not a problem. 50 Void Elf Rogue (for Heritage), 60 Dwarf Hunter I don’t have a huge connection to, said 60 Dwarf Paladin which could still get the last free ticket… It’s a hard choice! DH, Druid, DK, Mage, Priest, Monk would be a given. Not 100% sure about the Mechagnome Warlock (I regret that race choice a bit) and the Paladin, but she used to be my main in BfA. Then again it wouldn’t be completely unreasonable to have 2 Paladins and 2 Rogues, right?

Also some guildies wanted to run M+ with us on their Horde toons and despite some “who can invite whom because of BattleTag” that also worked flawlessly (not only getting randoms from LFG) and it’s really nice, my old guild also started a “WoW community” so people could join on their Horde toons for cross-faction communication outside Discord, also a nice feature – now if only they’d done that many years ago!

With the 13 Plaguefall we did last night I edged ever closer to the magical 2500 rating, with a bit of luck we can do a 12 De Other Side tonight, then I just need Streets and hopefully that’s enough, otherwise there’s next week where I have a choice of like 5 dungeons that could bring a few points if we time it – I love this new system where it’s not “you need everything at +15” but “oh, you have timed a few at higher than +15, so you can slack off with the others”, but I never really looked at the old system, it just sounded less lenient.

Raiding Sepulcher – weeks 9-13

Why did I not post this for a few weeks? no idea.

Week 9 saw us killing Skolex, Xy’mox, and Pantheon, week 10 was Lihuvim. Then no “kill” progress in week 11 and 12, and last Sunday (week 13) we finally got Halondrus, and on Tuesday we got to 41% on Anduin, so now we’re gonna extend more and hopefully that will help.

Last week was also kinda slow in M+, only got one +15 done, but today after reset I managed to heal a +14 Mists (over time though, and a lot of deaths) and then we timed a +18 Spires with exactly 3s spare.

The Vault gave me a 278 chest, so that means I have 5 slots of the absolute maximum iLevel – and then 5 more fully upgraded at 272. Feels weird if you’ve never really done M+ before and it’s not just a single lucky drop from the Vault, but the majority of your gear. Then again, no luck with weapons at all.

And the “Let Horde and Alliance play together” patch finally went live today, we already had some Horde randoms in a +7 Spires.

Kickstarter and games

Belghast had an interesting post up last week about backing games on Kickstarter. That’s quite a list of games.

I’ve had a kickstarter account for at least 11-12 years now and I backed 6 projects, despite being a huge fan of the idea initially – and none of them were games. Maybe it’s because I develop software for a living (and despite all outcries from game developers that it’s different and that they’re such special snowflakes) I am wary of release dates and have a healthy dose of paranoia towards things and their funding (same with startups, really – and what is a fresh game company with no history of delivering but a sort of startup?) – and there are so many games already that I hardly play, except for my few favorites. (Right now I have a little craving for EVE for example, but I’m waiting).

So, my 6 projects. One (the first I think) was a comic, from Kingdom of Loathing, which I had been playing at the time, 2011 or so. Two were CDs (Amanda Palmer and Jeph Jacques, of Questionable Content fame), one was basically a GoFundMe, maybe before GoFundMe was a thing. One was hardware that actually got delivered (I think on time) and I am happy with it, but still some remote personal ties and not a random “Oh shiny!” and the last one was actually software. And I’m not even sure if it shipped in the final form, but I pitched in because I liked the idea and also because I had interacted with the main developer in the past. So this was a bit of a “thanks for doing good” and I didn’t care that much about the software itself. Overall I spent 212$ and I don’t regret a single cent. Well, the comic was kinda not needed but I was happy at the time, at least.

Not really sure what to make of it, I guess me being not big into consumerism and mostly deliberating every purchase that’s more than a beer or an ice cream (yes, even single months of MMO subs or a book are usually not purchased on a whim) doesn’t make myself an avid backer of things that might not show up. Then again it’s been a while since I saw a thing on Kickstarter that was actually awesome and at the same time not completely ridiculously expensive – which means definitely not the “I WANT THAT” range. Still glad that Kickstarter exists for the people that like the experience, but I guess I’m not backing anything soon, although statistically 2022 or 2023 would be due another expense…


Just dinged 50 on the Zandalari Troll and the “I want to get those levels” project is done for now.

  • One of every class on the Alliance side to 60
  • One of every class on the Horde side to 60
  • Unlock every Heritage Armor currently in game

So this leaves me with 3 Rogues, 3 Hunters, 3 Paladins, 3 Death Knights, and 2 of every other class at 60, and then 2 more Rogues, 2 more Warriors, a Paladin, and a Priest at 50 – that’s 28 max-level chars and 6 at the last max level and I barely want to type it out… and 28 is such an odd number, kinda makes you want to make it a round 30, doesn’t it?

Gear on the other hand is a joke. On my old Alliance server (with 10 of the classes at 60, missing the two that I transferred) the average gear level is 185 – that’s below Season 1 Raid Finder. The Horde server (12 chars) is even worse at 141 average and a single one at 186. But sure, you could easily send them a full set of 226 ZM gear, but what for?

On my current server the three toons without Legendaries are at 240-243, but I’ve not put a ton of effort except doing some ZM.

Guess I need new goals, except for the M+ mount for this season…