Welcome to Battle Stance

When I started this blog 9.5 years ago I didn’t know yet if I would stick to it. Time and again I debated whether a domain made sense or not. Now I decided it’s time to do the jump and not wait until the 10 years are full, so here it is. Battle Stance, formerly known as Armagon Live. The content won’t change, the history is fully imported, just the URL is different. I guess I’ll have to tweak some of the CSS because I’m not yet 100% happy with the theme. Happy reading.

Levels were gained

There wasn’t exactly much exciting stuff happening last week, also was out of town for 3 days. Some toons gained a few levels though:

  • Human Rogue to 120
  • Blood Elf Warlock to 120
  • Pandaren Monk to 107
  • Undead Death Knight to 105
  • Dwarf Hunter to 89
  • Magโ€™har Orc Rogue to 43
  • Kul Tiran Mage to 36

Well ok, maybe 2 new 120s are a little exciting. I’m not exactly pushing to gear them, just grabbing the easy upgrades from WQ, running a Warfront once, and so on.

Goodbye MMO Fallout

It’s kind of rare (I think) that blogs have dedicated “Goodbye” posts, most linger on without updates (guilty as charged) only to be removed from RSS readers after years of inactivity.

In line with the more professional tone of the website, I nearly missed the announcement that MMO Fallout is shutting down. Why did I miss it? It’s one of those blogs I don’t check very often – I’ve been reading it regularly for years, but only checking what happened in a burst once or twice a month. I also might have mentioned that I mostly read MMO blogs where I follow the authors – no matter what they’re playing at the time – more than a single game. Connor was an exception insofar (as hinted above) as there wasn’t much “Let me tell you a story what happened ingame last night” but writing about topics I *usually* don’t really care much about (lawsuits, financials, Runescape :P), but MMOFallout was always interesting, so thanks for that!

Hat tip to Wilhelm where I read about it (as I often do) because in the summer months when I don’t commute by public transport, my MMO blog reading goes down significantly compared to the winter.


Hit 60 on Bard today and already managed to do the first of the end-of-expansion dungeons, but not the second. First I was a little letdown as I hadn’t expected to be blocked by the gear wall (needs iLvl 142, I had ~127) but then I remembered to update my gear, 5mins after dinging 60 – I had already bought 5 pieces of Idyllshire 230 gear, which easily catapulted me to 181, so I was even downleveled 1 iLvl for the dungeon. Oops.
Warrior is 58 and, like Bard, caught up on Job quests for now. I’m trying to do one 50-60 dungeon roulette per day and not catch up to Bard again. Not sure if the XP bonus now works or not.

I’m still a little mixed on how I liked the Heavensward MSQ. Parts of it were great, parts of it were kinda weird and seemed out of place. I think I liked the ARR MSQ story better, overall.
From a gameplay perspective, I didn’t like Ishgard at first, but this improved a little. It’s still ugly as hell and boring and grey. The zones are all too big and with too few Aetheryte Crystals, until you are able to fly, that is. But once I was able to fly in a zone, I was basically done there. We’ll see how often I need to go back in the post-expansion quest line. The ones I kinda dreaded in ARR. According to this page there’s only 25+19 = 44 though, and not over 70? like in ARR. Also I want to learn more of the Scions’ fate, dammit!

I also pre-ordered Shadowbringers last night and am enjoying my +30% XP earring already. And I did a few Ixal quests again, so Weaver is 30 now, Blacksmith is 29.5 and there’s only Armorer at 25 and Goldsmith+Leatherworker at 26 to grind out until 30.

Rested XP and many alts

Right now I’m not dead set on playing a certain character, or even a certain game. FFXIV is a lot of fun, sure – but I’m right at the end of leveling in Heavensward (Bard is 59 now) and I have the feeling that you need to grind out long stretches every time you need a level to continue the MSQ. It was a little painful to reach 59 already, and now I need a dungeon run in some library and then… a quest gives ~40-50k XP and I need like 4m to 60. That’s about 80-100 quests. Dungeon runs are a little better XP per time, but for that I need rested XP.

Switch to WoW, I’m not participating in any endgame stuff or even trying to gear up my toons any further (iLvl 394 on Alliance and 390 on Horde is plenty, without really trying), but somehow leveling is really fun right now. I also have quite a few toons with rested XP, so here’s what I managed to do in the last week or so:

  • Kul Tiran Mage to 30
  • Mag’har Orc Rogue to 37
  • Dwarf Hunter to 85
  • Human Rogue to 115
  • Draenei DK tp 64
  • Blood Elf Priest to 110

Heritage armor revisited

When I wrote about Heritage armor a month ago I assumed something which I now think is wrong (see last paragraph). So let’s assume the requirements are “Level 120 and Exalted with your faction”.

  • Horde
    • Orc (not ingame) – Exalted: 120 Rogue, 120 Shaman, 111 Hunter
    • Troll (not ingame) – Exalted : 120 Warrior
    • Tauren – Exalted: 102 Druid
    • Undead (not ingame) – Revered: 102 Mage (-18600), Honored: 102 DK (-30100)
    • Blood Elf – Exalted: 111 Warlock, Revered: 110 Priest (-9300), 102 Paladin (-17000)
    • Goblin (not ingame) – Revered: 86 Warrior (-73, really)
  • Both
    • Pandaren (not ingame) – ???
  • Alliance
    • Human (not ingame) – Exalted: 114 Rogue
    • Night Elf (not ingame) – Exalted: 120 Warrior, Friendly: 120 DH (-38000)
    • Dwarf* – Revered: 120 Paladin (-10300), 82 Hunter (-20000)
    • Gnomeย (8.1.5, soon) – Honored: 90 Rogue (-26000)
    • Draenei (not ingame) – Friendly: 61 DK (-36500)

*: The 120 Dwarf Paladin started at Honored today, but I invested like 3h and brought her to 10700 Revered, doing all of Dun Morogh, Loch Modan, and 90% of Wetlands for a total of nearly 25k. Also one run of Gnomeregan for the quest rep, and all this with the +10% Darkmoon Faire reputation buff. The first 18k went smoothly at ~8-9k per hour, Wetlands wasn’t so fast, that was only 6-7k in one hour. Still not complaining. Not sure if Arathi makes any sense now or if I should spam dungeons with my Ironforge Tabard, but I really want to get this armor as I’m really annoyed that I don’t get any for my 3 most played Horde characters, which by chance happen to be Orc, Orc, and Troll.

I will probably level one of the 110 Blood Elves soonish, probably the Warlock anyway, so this should be no problem. The Human Rogue will again be 120 without armor available. For the Tauren Druid I’m sadly in no hurry, and the Gnome is lacking 30 levels and a ton of rep and is also not on my main server, won’t happen soon ๐Ÿ™

Quick FFXIV update

Friday: Going afk for a few days so might as well post a progress update before that.
Sunday: Of course scheduling didn’t work, but unexpected downtime, checking other people’s gaming blogs and noticing it…

WAR and BRD are both at 56 (poor planning on my part). Did some 50/60 duty roulettes as a DPS. Planning to do more of them as a tank when I saw them once. Also caught up with the MSQ, didn’t finish the Level 56 ones, but those were the reason I soldiered on to 56.

I also unlocked flying in the first 3 zones after a dungeon and some running around to find the remaining Aether Currents and some easy quests. Kinda painless compare to WoW.

In lowbie news, the WHM is nearing 40 and the GLD is now a Paladin, at Level 30. Culinarian is 38 (37 would’ve been enough) and I’m already kinda sick of the Ixal dailies. Ah well, fine if you’re waiting in a DPS duty queue…

Hello Ishgard

Big news in the last week. I did finally manage to finish all the ARR content and I’m now finally in Ishgard. Because of this slog I was also busy doing quite a lot of other things. Ishgard is… grey. But the quests aren’t bad so far, but also not really awesome. Let’s see.

In reverse chronological order I finished the FFXV crossover event last night, and Hatching-Tide a few days ago.

Regalia with Miqo’te who would benefit from a pillow to sit on
Noctis’ outfit

Then I finally did some crafting again, although I had stopped doing the Ixal dailies every day. But 2 jobs are over 30 now, next is Culinarion to 38 for a new skill. Also the gatherers got some love

Crafting levels going up

And finally I did gain some levels on the normal jobs

  • 54 Warrior – trying to stay ahead now because of Armory XP
  • 53 Bard
  • 36 White Mage – and the trinity is complete
  • 25 Gladiator – more tanking!
  • 15 Arcanist
  • (50 Red Mage) – just a quick glance, this seems weird ๐Ÿ˜›

Level ALL the alts

Been a while since I posted an update on leveling progress (main server).

  • 120:
    • Orc Rogue, iLvl 389
    • Orc Shaman, iLvl 311
    • Troll Warrior, iLvl 311
    • Dwarf Paladin, iLvl 393
    • Worgen Druid, iLvl 352
    • Night Elf Warrior, iLvl 361
    • Night Elf Demon Hunter, iLvl 332
  • 110+
    • Orc Hunter, 111
    • Blood Elf Warlock, 111
    • Human Rogue, 112
  • 100+
    • Blood Elf Priest, 104
    • Tauren Druid, 102
    • Undead Mage, 102
    • Blood Elf Paladin, 101
    • Undead Death Knight, 101
  • 99-
    • Pandaren Monk, 92
    • Dwarf Shaman, 91
    • Dwarf Hunter, 80
    • Worgen Priest, 73
    • Draenei Death Knight, 61
    • Mag’har Orc Rogue, 29

Just finished: NE Warrior and DH to 120

Focusing currently on the 29 Orc Rogue in small 30-60min doses, started the BE Priest (Shadow is not very fun right now) and the Human Rogue.

Recent progression: Dwarf Hunter 60-80, Dwarf Shaman 80-91, created the Draenei DK.

Plans in the near future: BE Warlock