Welcome to Battle Stance

When I started this blog 9.5 years ago I didn’t know yet if I would stick to it. Time and again I debated whether a domain made sense or not. Now I decided it’s time to do the jump and not wait until the 10 years are full, so here it is. Battle Stance, formerly known as Armagon Live. The content won’t change, the history is fully imported, just the URL is different. I guess I’ll have to tweak some of the CSS because I’m not yet 100% happy with the theme. Happy reading.

Lowbie dungeons – Guild edition

It’s been 12 days since I wrote about our adventures in Classic, but it’s not that we didn’t play. We successfully did Wailing Caverns last week (this time the Rogue had caught up a bit), then did it again the next day to finish all the quests (Serpentbloom, Deviate Hides, 99-year old Port).
Some days later we did Shadowfang Keep, even wiping on Arugal. Unfortunately he didn’t drop the nice robe for our Mage, but the Girdle was cool as well. And my Warrior likes the shield, even though it’s an Alliance one. Also I’ve been using the Wailing Caverns quest reward Sword since then.

So far it’s been mostly working out to decide on a target level and day and then everyone catches up. Unfortunately our Rogue (again) didn’t have time this week and so Blackfathom Depths will be 4man or with a pick up DPS. Our target level for BFD was 27, maybe we’re a little cautious here. But maybe we can do Razorfen Kraul directly after it.

Oh, hello draft I had forgotten. BFD went fine but we (again) did a second run because of the Lorgus Jett followup and we noticed that RFK doesn’t make much sense before 30 because of missing quests. So we did all of the instances twice now, and next Sunday RFK is planned as most of us are 30 already.

I’m stuck on a boat

On the one hand it’s kind of a bit of work, on the other hand it’s too easy and too good to not take advantage of, so right now I’m trying to run at least one mission per day per 120 character as long as I have resources. Not that I need all of the followers at artifact level, but the rewards and the rep especially are kind of worth it. If only it weren’t 15 toons…

I’m also trying to take advantage of the Darkmoon Faire 10% XP buff. My Horde Paladin finished Legion this week and right now I’m working on Dwarf Hunter and Gnome Rogue in Legion and Dwarf Shaman in BfA, because the max level count is already highly in favor of the Horde (10:5).

What I’m not doing is grinding gear – why would I? I don’t raid, I hardly run Mythics. When I ding 120 I try to grab a full set of Benthic gear and then upgrade the missing pieces (usually rings + trinkets) to around 385 as well, that’s enough work for all the toons. A few select ones are doing WQs for real upgrades, but overall I guess I’m not really bothering.

One goal I still have and that I’m missing is Flying in Legion. Maybe I should get to work on that. Also not Exalted with Mechagon and Unshackled, also something to do.

Altoholics assemble!

While the above screenshot might look like your average “I reached max level” screenshot, it is not.

For the first time since Cataclysm (and a mere 5 levels off in Mists of Pandaria) I have managed to have a character of every class at max level!

  1. Orc Rogue & Human Rogue
  2. Troll Warrior & Night Elf Warrior
  3. Dwarf Paladin
  4. Night Elf Demon Hunter
  5. Worgen Druid
  6. Orc Shaman
  7. Blood Elf Warlock
  8. Blood Elf Priest
  9. Pandaren Monk
  10. Orc Hunter
  11. Undead Death Knight
  12. Undead Mage, as of today

Sure, it didn’t help that I had 2 classes maxed twice already. Or a second Druid at 117, a second Shaman at 112, or a third Rogue at 101 – but that doesn’t matter now. This project is finally done.

After I dinged I did what I usually did for the last few: instantly equip all but 2 pieces of 8.2 Benthic 385 equip, go to Nazjatar, grab another 2 385 pieces and a 370 weapon, and upgrade one piece to 400, then unlock World Quests there.

What was different today that I decided to do the dungeon daily because the reward was a 400 cloak, it happened to be Atal’Dazar and I had just finished the quest line for that dungeon at 119.9.

So I queued for Heroic while mopping up some of the easy Nazjatar intro quests and proceeded to have a very uneventful quick Heroic run. Just that after the last boss the tank, the healer and one dps left and the Hunter and I regretted not saying something about the additional boss. To be fair this was the first time this has happened to me, that a group didn’t automatically do the daily dungeon boss, even on Heroic. So we set out to look for this boss, and hoping we might be able to two-man it, as I had only one person on my friends list online who was not playing Classic, but in a dungeon as well.

So this Shadowblade Razi seemed to be a stealther who either had some adds or spawned them and was patrolling the area left of the instance entrance, where nobody ever clears. He found me more than I found him and that’s when I died. Then my Hunter companion came and we kited him around for a bit until he reset. Bummer. Then we rebuffed, looked for him again, found him… and suddenly we had 3 adds, a normal mob group. After some wiping and kiting we got them down, then we had him again. Long story short, after around 7 deaths and spending all cooldowns we managed to take him down. 500g in repairs for a simple 385 -> 400 cloak upgrade, but I regret not a single gold. It was the most nerve-wracking 10 minutes I had since I stopped raiding. Also the most YES WE DID IT since a first kill in a raid, years ago. Also kind of a Vanilla WoW moment just in the time where everyone plays classic. Spontaneously trying something ridiculous and seeing it through, even with a lot of wipes and no rushing, gogogo, and abandoning ship at the first hurdle. And yes, it was only Heroic and maybe a Hunter+Frost Mage duo makes this a lot easier, but as I wrote above I had dinged an hour ago, I suck at Mages, my item level was around 360 (with 0 Azerite traits spent) and the Hunter was 395 item level.

Ragefire Chasm – Guild edition

Last night we finally had everyone online and in the correct level range to venture into our first dungeon – Ragefire Chasm.

The group consists of:

  • Level 14 Tauren Tank Warrior in Arms spec (the author)
  • Level 14 Troll Shaman
  • Level 14 Troll Mage
  • Level 14 Troll Hunter
  • Level 10 Undead Rogue (Slacker)

Actually it went pretty uneventful except for one wipe when underestimating the lowbie Rogue’s aggro range and then some Hearthstone use by two people to get out of a chasm. The Rogue was too low to get the book quest so we ran it again and then only one book dropped. Anyway, all got to level 16 (13) and now we’ll meet up again at 20 for Wailing Caverns. That’s probably why I forgot the victory shot, because it was totally not epic. Also technically it wasn’t a guild run yet because we only made the guild after the run. Ah well.

Adventures in Azeroth – Classic edition

So my Warrior is still at level 14 and waiting for the full group to catch up, but I did play my Undead Rogue. I might have a Rogue problem, but who cares?

Cloth shoulders with AGI, yeah!

Level 24.95 now, just finished Shadowfang Keep with an all-23/24 group with zero problems. Before that (also today) I had to run Wailing Caverns a second time because:

  • The group didn’t do the 99 year old port (ok)
  • I only got 10 of 20 Deviate Hides (meh)
  • I got ZERO Serpentbloom (WTF?)
  • I forgot to loot one gem (this one was my fault, bags full I guess)

But now I got all quests done, had to camp Mad Magglish for “only” 15mins in a group of 3, had to solo 3 mobs for my 20th hide – but it worked. Except for the tank with zero orientation, guess we could’ve shaved off 5mins easily if he had listened to our directions. Ah well. Also marking mobs seems to be not a thing. Also CC is unheard of. But I can make Poisons now.

Non-Classic WoW

Being fed up with the queues in WoW Classic and just waiting for most of my group to catch up (I did level my Rogue alt to 14 and Blacksmithing on the Warrior to 9x though) I played some retail WoW.

I still have this plan of having one of every class to max level, and the classes missing were Hunter and Mage (after the DK dinged a few days ago). So 1 or 2 days ago I finally logged in the 111 Orc Hunter again – was standing at The Great Seal – emptied the bags a bit, flew to Vol’dun and… kinda killed it. I don’t remember any of my toons to just do every quest in record time, not even close to dying once. So I did 111.x to 116 on the first day and then 116 to 120 on the second day without really playing a lot. Mobs only hurt at 118+, before that I was just murdering groups of 3.

Anyway, only Mage left if I didn’t miscalculate. Started Vol’dun as well, dying multiple times. Hmpf

WoW Classic launched

… and I was there.
Stayed up until midnight, logged in without problems 3 minutes late and managed to get to Level 6 after 2:30 hours. Today I also mostly played WoW Classic and finished Mulgore.

WoW Classic Tauren Warrior at Level 12

And because there is one Ragefire Chasm quest in Undercity a sensible person would just take a zeppelin there and grab it.
Others decide to level their alt because they want one anyway. 4:18 h for Level 1-10 in Tirisfal Glades.

WoW Classic Undead Rogue at Level 10

Still busy in FFXIV

I didn’t only play WoW, I also made some sort of progress in FFXIV.

  • Paladin to 50
  • Dark Knight to 50
  • White Mage to 65 (.9)
  • Warrior to 65

Also, crafting and gathering, mostly through GC turnins via “buying cheap and crafting myself what’s not cheap”

  • 48 Culinarian
  • 41 Weaver + Goldsmith
  • 40.95 Blacksmith
  • 40 Leatherworker + Alchemist
  • 39.95 Armorer
  • 39 Carpenter
  • 53 Fisher
  • 52 Miner + Botanist

And honestly I would’ve crafted those 2 items for BSM and ARM, but I’m tired and will be traveling tomorrow and then not be playing any games for a few days.

The only thing I didn’t do is progress in the MSQ. All the other stuff is just too much fun right now.

Invasion to Nazjatar

Was home sick at the end of last week so couldn’t do much but when I felt better on Friday evening/Saturday I remembered that putting a character through the Nazjatar intro quests gives quite some nice gear upgrades, so I set out to get shit done while I wasn’t feeling so well to really enjoy anything but well enough to sit and do some mindless grinding.

There were some of my characters that had already started and/or completed the Nazjatar story lines:

  • Dwarf Paladin, iLvl ~400
  • Orc Rogue, iLvl ~398
  • Troll Warrior, iLvl ~355

But in the meantime I had gotten quite a few more 120s and the Benthic gear tokens were already piling up a bit so I devised a strategy how to best spend them. Unfortunately I didn’t write down the exact item levels, but I remember them mostly…

  • NE Demon Hunter, ~370
  • NE Warrior, ~370
  • Worgen Druid, ~360
  • Human Rogue, ~350
  • BE Warlock, ~340
  • Pandaren Monk, ~340
  • BE Priest, ~330
  • Orc Shaman, ~315

So I started, first running all the 4 Alliance toons through the intro quests, grabbing the 370 weapon, 385 Head/Shoulders/Chest piece, then finally the 400 Benthic Legs/Feet/Hands piece. Then the 4 Horde toons.

And then I handed out the Benthic tokens I had banked. And then I did all the Nazjatar WQs that gave Benthic tokens or Manapearls (haven’t spent those yet). And then I did most emissary quests that were up over the whole weekend and grabbed all the WQs with gear upgrades. Now I have too many Benthic Chest and Feet tokens spare, but whatever.

This is the final outcome now:

  • Dwarf Paladin, 406
  • Orc Rogue, 403
  • Troll Warrior, 382
  • NE Demon Hunter, 395
  • NE Warrior, 391
  • Worgen Druid, 383
  • Human Rogue, 382
  • BE Warlock, 378
  • Pandaren Monk, 369
  • BE Priest, 375
  • Orc Shaman, 383

So now I’m just unsure what’s the best strategy to upgrade with Manapearls is – get one item really high (430), get a few to medium high (400 to 420ish), or get the 385s to 400? I tend to think getting a few to 420 is the best bet, because then there are still some lower level slots where upgrades can be found easier. W e’ll see.

I did mention this very rare grinding mood, so there’s a few more things I did

  • Did “The Missing Crew” for the Champion on all missing toons (9?)
  • Herbalism to 175 on 3 Alliance toons and 1 Horde toon
  • Mining to 175 on one Alliance toon
  • Did the “Pick 10 Akunda’s Bite without being shocked” 4 times
  • Found 9 Anchor Weed nodes on one toon for the quest
  • About 5-8 other Herbalism/Mining quests
  • Got Alchemy from 70ish to nearly 140
  • Got Jewelcrafting from 60ish to 130

And oh my, I love Flying so much. I think I wouldn’t have done *any* of those things without it.

Daily routines

Right now everything could be a little hectic if I do everything that’s available.

  • 13:00 EVE servers come back online and the skill spree event is reset. That means log in all the characters and shoot some rats. 6 characters
  • 17:00 Roulettes in FFXIV reset, so I can run the level duty again. And possibly the 50+ dungeon one. And MSQ. And Trial.
  • 22:00 GC turnins reset and I really want to level up those crafting jobs

And that’s just the fixed hours. In between WoW WQs pop up, missions need to be run, WoW toons want to be leveled…