WildStar Head Start weekend

We Europeans were lucky, Saturday morning at 9:00  is would have been a nice time to start. I’m not complaining, by 10 or 10:30 I was online and creating my character.
We spent the day levelling, with some extended breaks and reached level 9 in the end. After the initial downtime which was attributed to a DDoS attack it went pretty smoothly.
Sadly the second PC in the household (still on Win7 32bit) started to act up around 22:00 with a permanent (MEM) FATALERROR: OUT OF MEMORY!
Some googling and sifting forums didn’t help and as the plan was to get rid of that a while ago already (WoW had been crashing a lot) this was the straw that broke the camel’s back and off I went. Just that I didn’t find any correct Windows CD, only my keys. Long story short, after some Windows Update fuckups I went to bed at 5:45 with a fresh Win7 64bit. It ran fine for about 6h and errored out twice since. Maybe I need to replace the RAM after all, what I has suspected already.
Bugs I found so far:

  • Percentage in Challenges sometimes drops when it’s supposed to go up. Sometimes you still make the challenge then.
  • UI settings are not saved at all / the BoA bag is gone after logout. Can be redeemed again though
  • You can fall through the world when opening your Achievements window
  • Unstuck only works sometimes
  • Nameplates vanish from time to time
  • Quest tracker sometimes crops quests

Stuff that is awesome:

  • Group does not drop on logout/disconnect
  • It’s fun!

So no, I don’t wanna complain too much, all in all it’s been a smooth launch. Some of the bugs are really annoying, but apart from that it’s a nice game.

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