Marvel Heroes Weekly

Not as much got done, but I’m still happy with the result:
The tally now is: 17 Heroes, 14 at 60, 5 prestige runs done (so really 19), 2 Team-Ups.
There was a giveaway at which their servers didn’t really handle that well, but I still managed to snatch a free character box, which yielded me Black Panther. Other than that I prestiged Captain for the second time and Hawkeye for the first time (wanted to play him with the review changes anyway), the +50% XP bonus for the Avengers helped a lot. After that I levelled Nightcrawler to 50. He feels awfully squishy, but he’s very fun to play. Apparently he gets better at max level, with all the powers available – we’ll see.
Again I spent a few millions on Costume Affix rerolling, but I got nearly everything to > 80% of the max roll now, and evenĀ ~45% of them to > 90%, fwiw. Everyday I’m spreadsheatin’. Other than that I started a massive cleanup of my bank slots and exchanged a load of Any Hero Uniques for Runes and Relics, and also a ton of duplicate hero-specific ones. Then again a few heroes now already have a “levelling set” of Uniques, mostly the ones I prestiged already, but a few others that I plan to prestige also have a few.
Scarlet Witch is supposed to be really awesome after the 52 review now, but I haven’t tried her again. Still pondering if I should just prestige her at the next event, maybe next Monday…
For now I saved up my Eternity Splinters, I think for the second time ever I have more than 200. Still unsure if I should continue gambling until 20 or buy Domino as a Team-Up, because she’s supposed to be a little better than Clea. Then again it probably makes more sense to wait for a half-off sale again for those few percent of bonuses and just keep ~150-200 splinters ready for this.
I’m still sitting on 1050G and haven’t spent any money lately, I think. That is, because I failed to mention another 20$ purchase in the April 27th post.

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