Gotta catch ’em all!

I didn’t play too much Marvel Heroes this week because I was busy with Shadowrun: Dragonfall and also GW2, but still:
As you can see, Winter Soldier is 60 and Wolverine made it to 52 (pic is a few hours old) – for WS I tried something new (not using the cookie cutter build with the most upvotes on but instead opted for this build, which highly favors stealth. Wolverine plays quite similar to X-23, but I liked her a bit better. Levelling those 2 up I got a decent amount of Eternity Splinters and of course I had to gamble again. This time with very good results: Star-Lord and Nova, especially the latter is a hero I am really interested in trying out 🙂
The achievement system has one of those “meh” achievements. While I only had to continue playing Hawkeye for 2h to get to the magic 100h mark (he was my first hero after all, which always takes a lot longer, then for a while my only 60, and now even at purple prestige) the “500h /played on one character” is really harsh and I’ve taken to always log Hawkeye when I let MH run when going for dinner or something. Maybe those 10-20 min increments over a year will help for this achievement…

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