So much XP

Some updates. Spider-Man is Level 60 and a lot of fun. Levelling him was so fast that I decided to try something out as long as the A.R.M.O.R. event is supposed to give +100% XP. So I loaded up on 3 different XP boosts I had in my stash and prestiged Hawkeye twice. From Purple to Orange, from Orange to Red. Each run took about 65 minutes (with 2-3 short visits to a terminal for the A.R.M.O.R. drop buff mission thingy). So I still have nearly 4h left on this +150% to everything buff and 110 minutes on the normal +50%, so I’ll maybe look if I have another 1-2 different ones and go for Cosmic prestige tomorrow in Midtown Madness. We’ll see. Or I’ll level Doctor Strange. An additional benefit of those runs was having 3 Hawkeye Costumes for the blender, which yielded the She-Hulk Lawyer costume, the one I was looking forward to anyway. Now I just need to get She-Hulk as Hero.. as I’ll get my 300th login bonus (Random Hero) in less than 2 weeks I’ll probably save up splinters up till then and after using that one just buy her.

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