GameBoy and GameBoy Advanced

As I wrote yesterday I’m going to start a trip later today and I had the plan to bring my trusty old GameBoy Advanced with me. Originally I only had a handful of games, but in the last 16 years I kind of grabbed a few from GameStop (back when they still had used GBA games, but after they were sold new), or retro fairs, or eBay. I also have a few GB games left from people who lent them to me and never wanted them back (Really, I swear I offered to give them back, years later…)
Anyway, many of those I’ve only played for a few minutes or hours, so here’s a selection I might want to at least give a try (again) on this trip.

  • GameBoy Advanced
    • Pokémon Ruby
      • bought not so long ago, started it, wasn’t so bad. My first Pokémon game.
    • Super Monkey Ball Jr.
      • it’s not bad, but doesn’t entertain me for long
    • Golden Sun
      • very good, guess I never finished it though
    • Columns Crown
      • well
    • Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
      • no clue why I bought it a second time.. started a few times, liked it, never got very far though
    • Final Fantasy IV
      • I faintly remember not liking it, must rety
    • Micro Machines
      • fun, but only in short bursts
    • Pitfall
      • bought recently, didn’t play much
    • Rayman Advance
      • hard!
    • Tomb Raider – The Prophecy
      • bought recently, didn’t play much
    • Crash & Spyro
      • bought recently, didn’t play much
  • GameBoy Classic
    • Kwirk
      • ok, but never got very far
    • Bad’n’Rad
      • don’t remember
    • Fortress of Fear
      • don’t remember
    • Tetris
      • no comment
    • Bubble Bobble
      • fun!
    • Parodius
      • I liked it, but I always found it too hard
    • Super Mario Land
      • good, never finished it
    • Super Mario Land 2
      • good, never finished it
    • Dr. Mario
      • always liked this better than Tetris. This might be a friend’s exact same cartridge I already played in ~1990-92
    • Mario’s Picross
      • finished this twice or more, and many offshoots on PC
    • Xenon 2
      • Megablast! Best soundtrack ever!

Yeah, I hardly finished any of those and I wrote “hard” very often. I am in general not very competitive, or stubborn enough in regards to finishing games.

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