Shockingly I played another game

When I’m not posting much it means either of two things: Nothing has happened or I was too busy. This week definitely the latter was true. Activision Blizzard (is that how we’re supposed to call them?) gave us Destiny 2 for free and back when I wrote about it I seemed to enjoy it very much. So of course I grabbed it and as is typical for me didn’t play it right away but waited like a week. So for the last few days I’ve been slowly puttering along, 20-30 minutes per day, one story mission at a time. I really do think my time as an FPS gamer is past. I’m not really good and if it’s not Quake (I didn’t really write about Quake Champions back in the summer. I liked it) I’m really tense and waiting for some enemy to pop up behind a corner, which feels kinda unhealthy. I’m not really scared… just kinda tense, which makes it not fun – multiplayer doesn’t have this weird problem for me.#
Anyway. I’m trying to not burn out on it after only 10 hours like I did on Borderlands 2 and so I’m taking it slow. I’m pretty surprised it runs flawlessly on my 6 year old potato (with a newer graphics card) in 2560×1440…
Also, I get it – he’s not a bad voice actor, but why always Nolan North? Maybe I played too many hours of an SWTOR Consular in the last months, but come on – there MUST be more voice actors out there…

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  1. About Nolan North – I agree that he’s a bit overused, but I don’t really mind. He’s pretty great, and what’s more, he’s very versatile in my opinion.
    I didn’t hear the Consular talk much in SWTOR, so I can’t judge how similar that sounds to Destiny 2’s ghost, but I played all Uncharted games, and I never had a moment of ‘Hold on a sec, that’s Nathan Drake talking!’ while playing Destiny 2.
    He also did Deadpool in Marvel Heroes and again managed to give his performance a unique spin.

    1. See – I know he can do a lot of voices where I probably wouldn’t guess it at the first sentence. But maybe the Consular is just very close to his natural voice.. and the companion in Destiny 2.. I don’t know.. I didn’t know it, heard 2 sentences and just thought: this must be Nolan North.
      But yeah, the female SWTOR Trooper sounding like Shepard also took a bit to adjust, maybe I just notice it as easy as with actors who seem to be very much set on a particular role (like Agent Elrond :P).

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