Blizzard and this train wreck

I’m usually not one to comment here on anything that’s going on in the outside world, I have other outlets for that.

But when I read the California sues Blizzard thing I became more than a little mad because it doesn’t sound like a single case (which would be bad enough) but more like a general problem there, and probably in the whole industry.

But Blizzard should be ashamed at every level of management, but the higher up, the worse it gets.

As someone said so aptly, it shouldn’t be too hard to not be a sexist asshole, but apparently the low bar is too high.

As I wrote in a comment in Naithin’s blog, I find the phrase “separate the art from the artist” very problematic if you talk about something like a book by one author on the one end of spectrum and a 15 year old game like WoW on the other hand, where hundreds of people were and still are involved.

So for all the people who think just voting with your wallet and unsubscribing right now is the correct way of action, my hat is off to you, I think it’s the best way to proceed.

For those others (like me) who spend like 50% of their spare time in WoW at the moment… I think it’s valid to not sabotage that for yourself and keep playing, after all we should assume that the majority of people working there are decent. And yes, you can call me a hypocrite for that, but currently it’s not simply “one of many games” I play, so unsubscribing to vote with my wallet feels a lot harsher than many things I can imagine in regards to any form of brand loyalty regarding physical goods.

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