Rise to Ruins Update 2

Rise to Ruins is an awesome little indie game I bought in Early Access in 2017 and have since come back to play a round or two once in a while.

I’m not one to judge if a game is a classic X or Y with a twist, but you build a village, manage your resources, and at some point at night the monsters come, so you better be prepared and had some towers and walls built. Not strictly Tower Defense, but related.

It’s by no means a perfect game, but it doesn’t have a lot of game-breaking bugs (more like a few small irregular oddities) and some QoL things are missing, but you should absolutely buy it. I’m not saying that often because I suppose my taste in games is weird – but I fully support this game.

I hadn’t heard of this person before but I liked the review a friend linked me when I mentioned the game.

Apparently my timing was perfect because I had made a mental note to play it like a week ago and on August 26th a massive update had come out.

Splattercatgaming on Rise to Ruins

Rise to Ruins Update 2