I’m not a keen macro user. It’s not that I find em useless, or pretty hard to make. Well, some parts *are* a bit weird. Not MediaWiki-(that’s the software that runs Wikipedia and the awesome WowWiki as well)-weird (the template language they use is so obscure that I find Assembler or C to be easy, readable and less error-prone, but I digress), but still weird. No, I just don’t need em so much. Either I’ve flat out refused to use them (like the spammy tank macro that wildly mashes buttons) or haven’t seen the need to macro any of my fixed rotations.
But I still have a few macros, read after the break.

Information only

Too bad they were taken out, but as an example of useful info.
#showtooltip Drums of Battle
/use Drums of Battle
/p >> Drums of Battle << 30sec of fun...

Amount of /pvp flagged time remaining
/script pvpdesired = GetPVPDesired()
/script pvptimer = floor(GetPVPTimer()/1000)
/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("PvP desired: "..pvpdesired.." - Time left:"..pvptimer.."s",1,0,0)

Amount of experience remaining to next level
/script XPx = UnitXP("player")
/script XPMaxx = UnitXPMax("player")
/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Your XP is currently at "..floor( (XPx / XPMaxx)*100 ).."%. Missing "..(XPMaxx - XPx)..". ["..(XPx).."/"..(XPMaxx).."]",1,0,0)

WoW quirks

Not enough energy? Then you also get no white hits…
#showtooltip Mutilate
/cast Mutilate

Wouldn’t you hate to catch a rare fish and hastily click it off?
#showtooltip Fishing
/script ConfirmBindOnUse()
/cast Fishing

General Purpose

My Druid has Herbalism and Mining, so I can switch the
two tracking modes with a convenient ctrl+c

#showtooltip Find Herbs
/castsequence Find Herbs,  Find Minerals

Everyone loves cookies!
{square}{square}{square}{square}{square} ME
{square}{square}{square}{square}{square} WANT
{square}{square}{square}{square}{square} COOKIE

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