Sanctum of Domination, week 14 + 15

Week 14 was unexciting, a few more tries on Sylvanas, a little progress, but no kill.

Week 15 Sunday saw us a few people and a raid leader short, so we started a fresh instance and cleared 7 bosses. Tuesday wasn’t good, we spent 2h wiping on Fatescribe (would’ve been our 2nd kill), with the best try being <1%.

On top of that, and not because of recent events our raid lead stepped down, didn’t sound pissed or burned out, simply being in a rut about the game in general and not wanting to raid. I think he had cleared Heroic in a non-guild group and in general is one of our best players and one of the few? ex-Mythic raiders. Bit unfortunate timing, in that we didn’t kill Sylvanas yet, but we actually had enough time. Oh well, I think we will manage to get over that. I personally would be a bit disappointed if this was the second tier of this expansion where I’d be just shy of clearing Heroic.

Sanctum of Domination, week 13

Sunday was weird. We had 8/10 Hc down and it was decided to extend. Our main tank had abandoned the Kel’Thuzad-skip quest so there was some lamenting and trying to share (doesn’t work) and banter about how he should not worry and we’ll simply not kill him. Then he died on the first pull without it being even a close call.

Then we continued on to Sylvanas, that was a bit harder. We always lost at least 2-3 people in phase 1 to the chains, sometimes to stupid stuff. In P2 we were often too slow so she cast Ruin when we weren’t in range yet.

Tuesday it continued and after 23 wipes we’ve seen P3 for the first time and were at 70% – so this is gonna take a while I guess.

Then again with the weekly reset I should be able to finally get my 262 Legendary before the Sunday raid.

Sanctum of Domination, week 12

Sunday went fine, got six bosses down and nearly got the seventh, but something was just not right. Yesterday we killed the Guardian on the third try, after one silly ninja pull and one weird tankbuster wipe.

Roh-Kalo proved to be a little difficult, but it also didn’t help we had people who had never seen the fight on Heroic and others who’d never done the runes before. Then some WeakAura malfunctions (or people not interpreting them correctly, or both). In the end we settled for the “6 colors and the WeakAura assigns marks the 3-4 who will run”. The amount of spheres going round is a bit ridiculous, but overall we seem to be pretty good on execution once the people have understood what to do and have had a chance to practice once or twice.

Very happy overall. We’re not the fastest, but we’re constantly progressing, I’m just noticing my gear actually falling behind and it could be that I’m the person with the worst iLvl already at 232, and we killed the last boss that drops 239 today.

Sanctum of Domination, week 11

An uneventful Sunday, I had to tank and we got the first five bosses down, that’s one slower than the week before. On the plus side I got a 239 Main Hand weapon.

Tuesday night started with the sad news that my Warlock friend had decided to stop raiding Heroic for now, mostly not feeling good with relatively low DPS and a lot of dying. Which is pretty sad because there was no blaming, and it being actually fine how it is (and not like the damage was the worst in the raid or even miles behind the midfield), and additionally we’re now losing access to health stones and portals and porting people, but at least for now it sounded like a nope :/

When the raid started I was relieved of my tank duty (not without wasting a sharpening stone 30s before the off tank came on) and we killed Painsmith a second time after a few tries (but with a few new people) and then Guardian after a few tries (again, new people). And our raid leader was also not available, so it was a bit of a common effort, led by our second in command shot caller.

Then we had time for a few tries on Fatescribe but that didn’t go so well. Definitely seems to be harder for us than Painsmith, but we only had killed him three times on Normal with all the skipping, whereas we had done Painsmith five times.

Sanctum of Domination, week 9+10

This time I didn’t forget to post last week, it was simply too unexciting. For some reason we didn’t do a lot. Bad setup, many people missing, no prog. Went back to only do KT+Sylvanas on normal on Tuesday and called it early.

This week was good though. Despite some people missing we killed the first three pretty quickly, then had a few wipes on Ner’zhul, we still mess up positioning there. Then we killed Dormazain on the third pull. I think it were 20+ overall, spread over quite a few days. Today we went for KT+Sylvanas normal first, then on to Painsmith Heroic, with a warning that this could be hard, as we had wiped a few times on Normal before we got him down, but the first try looked really good and then he died on the second pull. That was a bit of a surprise. So we had enough time for Guardian of the Old Ones, where the first try also looked quite promising. In the end we killed him on pull number 8, the last one of the night. Oh, and all this while I was tanking the whole week as our offtank was on vacation.

So we’ve jumped from 4/10 to 7/10 Heroic this week and I’m really happy. Could use a few more drops though, 228 in tanking gear and 230 in DPS gear.

TBC continued

It’s been quite a while since I wrote about the TBC Classic group, but that’s because one member was on vacation for 3 weeks and none of us logged in in that time, it seems the general mood is a bit unenthusiastic.

But last night we got off with a late start due to work, then figuring out what to do. We had stopped questing in Terokkar, so we flew to Stonebreaker Hold, grabbed some quests and went to work. Gladly the flood of people seems to have died down and except for one of the Arakkoa settlements it was chill with no people snatching your mobs. But of course we still have the worst quest of them all, the 12 wolf pelts per person. Also I had forgotten to empty my bags and was full all the time.

After around 2h we called it a day, 3 of 4 having dinged 65 and one being very close. So I need to check if I can continue with Blacksmithing to use up the mats clogging my inventory and maybe clean up the bank until next Thursday. And then we wanted to check the Auchindoun instances and run them once, our level permitting.

Overall not too excited, but it was fun enough to continue. Also my Druid is still at 69 and being 1 level from the maximum always annoys me a bit, but the 4 week break was welcome and maybe now is the time to divert a little time to Classic again.

Sanctum of Domination, week 8

Finally there’s one week where I don’t forget to post, but then I have other posts and no time.

Anyway, last raid week was a bit weird. On Sunday I had to tank again, first we did the last 2 on Normal (1 wipe on KT), then the first 3 on Heroic. One wipe on Tarragrue (weird), then three wipes on The Eye (also weird), then oneshot The Nine.

Tuesday our main tank was back, and we had a big group again, 21 or so, and one of our raiders brought 3 friends, supposedly Mythic raiders and for some reason nothing really worked. Ner’zhul died on the third pull but the first two already felt weird, then we had 10 wipes on Dormazain. Yes, this is the boss we haven’t killed yet but it seems doable, just that nothing seemed to go smoothly that day, and then one of the mythic people started to smartass and shout stuff between our calls and then there was some arguing. Not a fan of the outcome, or the whole night. But apparently I wasn’t the only one who felt like that, so maybe they’re not coming again.

Sanctum of Domination, week 6+7

It seems I’m really bad at this, I wanted to post a weekly recap and again, I forgot.

So in week 6 we were still missing a few people, after all August is summer vacation season here, so we didn’t kill anything new, but cleared normal again and the first 2 bosses on Heroic, including a first kill on The Eye, but I don’t have the wipe count, meh.

This week we did KT+Sylvanas, then the first 2 on Heroic on Sunday, then actually killed The Nine after 4 wipes and yesterday we worked on Ner’zhul for a bit until he fell on the 12th pull, then 4 wipes on Dormazain. So these 2 were the first that didn’t just fall over, now it’s getting a bit more interesting.

I’m starting to slack off and skip the Korthia dailies more often than not now, it’s kinda pointless. Working on Tier 5 of the second faction, but not even sure why. Raiding is fun, the rest isn’t, really.

It’s Blaugust again and this is post number 12.

Random MMO stuff

Yesterday was a bit of a weird day. Home alone, it was raining all day. Got up, did some EVE stuff for an hour or two, then logged into FFXIV. First some professions stuff, then journeyed to Norvrandt again to continue the story. Not sure why I didn’t really enjoy the first part, but everything yesterday (up until the first quest hub in Il Mheg) was pretty cool. Managed to get Warrior to 70 and all DoH jobs to 65ish. Doing Beast Tribe Dailies on Dancer, but those 6 per daily don’t seem to progress much.

Current status of enjoyment for WoW Korthia dailies: Good enough for a 20min DPS queue duty finder wait in FFXIV. Meh.

Raiding was good though, I didn’t need to tank, and we killed The Nine on Heroic on our first night there despite missing a regular healer, but we were 21 for the first time in a while, not only 14. Now let’s see if we manage new first kills on Tuesday.

It’s Blaugust again and this is post number 11.

Sanctum of Domination, week 5

So I had to tank again yesterday, we skipped Fatescribe and did Kel’Thuzad, Sylvanas, then went to Heroic. I wiped the raid for the first time, on our first KT try of the night. First I thought I had understood the mechanic, then it looked wrong, I did something wrong and then I killed the main tank and myself. Second try went nearly flawless. Sylvanas had the weird bug again on our first try, then we had a normal wipe, then we finished. So I tanked 9/10 normal now and only one wipe that was my fault. That’s fine.

Then we went to Heroic, oneshot the Tarragrue and then wiped 3 times on the Eye. Proper raiding!

But overall I’m still mostly busy with EVE and I definitely need a small break after this week, when I wrapped up some stuff. Too much moving for my taste.

It’s Blaugust again and this is post number 8.