More M+ After All

Thanks to my awesome guildies I managed to get to 2500 rating last night with a chill +17 Murozond’s Rise, so that’s my 2nd season with Keystone Hero.

After that I switched to the Resto Shammy and healed a few more. +13 and +14 were a little spicy at times until our tanked remarked “Oh, you’re only at 435 iLvl, that explains a lot” – but yeah, I need one more item in the correct slot to be able to use the 4 Tier Bonus. And finally I did 4 +2s for the weekly on my Beast Mastery Hunter after midnight, then basically fell asleep in my chair.

Good times though, just a little more practice with healing.

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Raiding Amirdrassil – week 12

The Sunday raid included a whole lot of wipes on Fyrakk and not much else. On Tuesday we got to phase 3 for the first time, like 2 or 3 times, best try was 20-21%. Not bad, 40 wipes in.

M+ was mostly uneventful this week, I managed to get 8 of them in until Monday evening, 4 of them 18 or higher, but no new timed 20s.

But I’m at least very close to 2500 rating (aka Keystone Hero) thanks to a +20 Murozond’s Rise “just” 6 minutes over time. I’ve not timed it at all on Tyrannical, so a +11 would probably be enough.

And then I managed to heal 5 low ones on the Shammy, that one +8 was quite some work. Bad gear, no one kicking anything, but it worked.

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Raiding Amirdrassil – week 11

The Sunday raid had us extend for the first time, and then quite a few wipes on Tindral. Best one was about 12% I think.

After the raid we timed a +20 Atal’Dazar and a +18 Throne of the Tides in Tyrannical, which was nice. I still kinda need some 11-15s now for some Wyrm crests, what an odd problem to have. We also did a +20 Atal’Dazar and a +18 Everbloom on Saturday with 2 different people and it didn’t go quite so well, still some good practice for me, and probably what gave us the win in Atal’Dazar today, as I didn’t die on the last boss, unlike on Sunday.

The Tuesday raid went really well, killing Tindral on the third pull (probably around 15 wipes overall), then we we wiped 9 times on Fyrakk, mostly in Phase 2 with those damn ghost adds. That fight might take a while, especially being low on healers next week.

My newly found and loosely defined M+ team didn’t want to run after the raid as originally planned, so I pugged 2 quick +11s for some points (and to get the third choice in the Vault), which means I’m now at 1900 rating, so if I do a +10 or +11 Murozond’s whatever next week, I’ll be at 2000, yay.

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Raiding Amirdrassil – week 10

Had quite a few people signed off for Sunday, some coming late but in the end we did manage to start with 12 people and end with 14. Easy kills of the first 6 bosses despite some of our top DPS missing, but we called it 15min earlier instead of doing Glimmeron again.

Then I got dragged into a +20 Darkheart Thicket and we only missed timing it by 19 seconds, which is wild because I’d never seen it in M+.

Still no drops from the raid, but at least from the Vault and I could upgrade some stuff.

I was asked if I’d be on on Monday for more M+ and I said yes, not really knowing what to expect. We met and timed a +20 Atal’Dazar, then followed up with a +18 Black Rook Hold (also never seen this one on M+) and so we’re aiming to get a fourth one in after the Tuesday raid for the Great Vault. I suppose if this works I’m already halfway to Keystone Hero, might as well get the mount.

Tuesday, many tries on Smolderon and then he finally died, and I got the trinket, yay. Then a quick Waycrest Manor +18 and the week is over.

I’m kinda salty that playing Fury in M+ is fun, while the single target spec is not. And I only notice this 10 weeks in.

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Raiding Amirdrassil week whatever

Long time no post, a mix of not in the mood and not even thinking about it. The good news is that we’re 6/9 and have killed Nymue twice already. The healer I mentioned wanting to quit has unquit, added some WeakAuras and feels like he can play, that’s very good. Also got a few ok tries in at Glimmeron, but that’s a tough cookie.

I’ve finally caught up a little with gear, now I’m 469 which is only a full tier behind our top M+ performers at 482, but on Sunday I managed to grab the #3 spot on dps a couple times, so I’ll take it. (Yes, two key DPS were missing, shut up – we still killed 6 bosses in 2h).

At the start of the year I was sick and actually forgot to log in to raid, I hadn’t been sure when we’d been starting again after the holiday break and apparently there was a raid on the 2nd but I was already not feeling well that evening and then got stuck in bed the next days. So I guess that was week 6 and this is week 9, even if we canceled another raid on a Tuesday, probably last week.

Still haven’t done any more M+ but maybe I should really pester some guildies to take me on another 16 so I can upgrade my weapon but I’m really not feeling it at the moment. But I have 12 of 15 of whatever level of whatever the currency is called, so would be a waste to not use it on my main hand.

And even if this whole thing may sound like I’m not especially having fun… I am having fun, for exactly 4 hours a week, maybe adding an hour for the weekly + world boss if I have a moment, but not more, and not M+.

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Amirdrassil week 5 and other stuff

Kinda forgot to post but after raid week 4 followed raid week 5 and we killed the Council on Heroic. Unfortunately two of our healers are kinda lagging behind on gear, so we went back to Normal after that kill, nothing good dropped and then one of them (unrelatedly) said he’d bow out for the rest of the tier because he’s been hating how Resto Druid feels for weeks with the new Tier bonus anyway.

So fortunately this was the last week of raiding before the holiday break anyway, but we’ll still need to find a solution here I think.

But unexpectedly with being on vacation and chilling for a few days I found some fun in WoW again and ran a couple of toons through the Emerald Dream zone, five of them even, so that makes it a total of seven. Didn’t do much after that and also don’t plan to, but the six non-mains now at least have 420ish gear instead of their mix of 410 to 380 before. (Druid, Shaman, Rogue, Demon Hunter, Warlock, Death Knight, Hunter – maybe even in that order). Still no real motivation to bring Priest and Evoker to 70, or any of the Horde toons, but it’s a start.

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Raiding Amirdrassil – week 4

Cleared normal in one hour, while missing 2 healers, so stopped for that day. Got dragged into two M+ because they were lacking a 5th, timed a +15 I’d never been in (Galakrond’s Fall) and then a +16 I’d not seen in forever and only once on M+ (Atal’Dazar) and I was in a raid spec and we timed both.

Tuesday was heroic, still one healer down but we got the first two with only one wipe on Igira, then a first kill of Volcoross on the fifth try that day. And then a 1% wipe on the council, fourth try. So close.
From Sunday on we’ll not do Normal anymore unless we need some filler bosses to concentrate on Heroic.

Finished up the 4 Mythic weekly with 2 10 minute RLP M0 runs and got gauntlets again… Oh well.

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Raiding Amirdrassil – week2

Oops, forgot to post the post, fumbled something together, then found the draft.

I’ve not had terribly much time to play WoW, and as of Monday evening I think I’ve acquired a total of 2 upgraded pieces of loot. Running 2+2 Tier pieces is worse than 4 of the old ones, so I passed for some guildies. Still feels bad because I know some of them are just rolling for the 20 iLvl upgrade, not simming if it’s an upgrade. Still, bad itemization if it’s a 5% dps loss like this.

The catchup mechanic in 10.2 doesn’t seem bad, in an evening on Saturday I managed to run my 2nd toon through the quest line (this time not reading the quest text, not having to search, etc) and she had no real problems doing it at iLvl 385ish and is now iLvl 421 which is just below Normal gear in the last raid tier (that should have been 424 I think). Not sure on how many I’ll do this, I’m trying to not just gear all the alts this expansion (yeah I did way too much of it at launch, I know).

Fyrakk down on like the 3rd try on Tuesday, oneshot Gnarloot, then Igira on the fourth pull and 2 wipes on Volcoross. Got a nice 2h weapon from Gnarlroot, iLvl 467 but other than that maybe one other drop, everything good I have is from the Vault :/

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