Slow progress

Didn’t have that much time to play the last 2 evenings, so my Spellslinger is Level 17 now and questing in Galeras and my Mordesh Stalker is Level 8 and bouncing around Woodhaven. Game’s fun, but oh boy, are Challenges annoying. I usually love this kind of stuff, but not when it’s interrupting my questing. I tend to hate to be shoved into doing things the minute someone else decides it would be a good time… Especially if it’s a game. And yeah, you can do them later, but somehow you probably still feel pressed to do it now – you’d be killing those mobs anyway. Ah well, not everything can be awesome, right?
Speaking of awesome, this lore video is it.

4 thoughts on “Slow progress”

  1. I’ve found challenges to be a bit of a pain as well, they alyways pop up when I’m trying to explore an area or take a nice screenshot. I’m not sure I’ve tactfully completed one since beta 😀

    1. Of course I am!
      a) I read the twitters and
      b) the normal ones were quite full and usually RP folks are cool, even though I only identify as a Roleplayer in general and not plan to do any ingame RP (yeah, boo me.)

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