Not many Heroes

So wow, a month has passed and I didn’t play anything besides Marvel Heroes.
I was just busy levelling Captain America when on Sunday morning I noticed that my bags were exploding with stuff (as usual) and I didn’t have a pet to feed all those delicious cosmic items to, so I set on getting a pet. Not having enough Cosmic Worldstones I first tried my luck with a few Fortune Cards – no luck of course. Then I saw that you can just buy pets for 1m credits but they have a prestige requirement. The cosmic event is going on right now which seems to be the thing to do prestige, so I didn’t hesitate (this would be the perfect moment for a pun that only works in German…) to start a prestige run on Human Torch, who seems to be my most AoE-heavy grindy hero at the moment. I managed to get to 56 until Sunday evening by basically doing Midtown Patrol for 20 levels, then Industrial City until around midnight. I used 3 2h +50% exp potions in the process. Then yesterday after work I finished the remaining 4 levels in Midtown (Monday!) and also brought Captain to from 47 to 60 there.
So this is how it looks. The “Random Hero Token” thing already bit me twice now, I got a 2nd Human Torch (translates to Ultimate token) and now a 2nd Storm. Meh. If I got my statistics math correct this should only be a 3%((8/44) * (8/44)) chance, so I don’t think they are really random – there was another unlikely 8% ((13/44) * (13/44)) ┬ácase of getting 2 duplicate tokens in a row in the household.
But whatever, 30 more splinters and I can try again, I am not immensely pissed about dupes. Still unsure what to level next, probably Storm, maybe Ghost Rider.

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