Running out of Marvel Heroes post titles

As usual I played a lot of Marvel Heroes, after the letdown in my last post I got a lot luckier again, I drew Ms. Marvel and Cable from random boxes bought with splinters and got Taskmaster from a free code (thanks PCGamesN). Incidentally I was working from home today and got the news of this only 2h after they posted those 5000 keys, now 12h after the post they’re already gone. I’m not terribly keen on either Cable or Taskmaster, but I haven’t played them yet – and I’m sure as hell not complaining.
So yes, I did level Storm since my last post and also Ms. Marvel (a week of Midtown really helped here) – both to 60 and Hulk is also 33.
I’m pretty surprised that I’m still getting a tremendous amount of fun out of this game, I think I’ve logged in all the ~72 days since I started (for the login bonus) – but of course I didn’t play on all the days, but still quite a lot.
Immediate plans for the future include:

  • Get enough Cosmic Worldstones to buy the Doop pet
  • Get enough OMEGA stuff to get Agent Coulson (Team-Up)
  • Get a Legendary on the Heroes that are lacking one: SW, HT, CAP, HULK
  • If possible, get the Hero a legendary before starting to level
  • Story mode is incomplete on: HT, STM, MM
  • Get Domino (Team-Up)
  • Decide what and if to prestige again, preferably before retroactively completing story mode

Short names grabbed from this site.
Maybe I should track my most sought after Heroes, those would be right now:

  • Iron Man
  • Punisher
  • Rogue
  • Deadpool
  • Nightcrawler
  • Juggernaut

And because I’ve never written it down, if memory serves me right, I now have:

  • 3x normal stash
  • 1x reagents stash
  • hero stash for: HWK, SW, GMB, HT, STM, MM

Money I spent so far, if I remember correctly:

  • 15$ for 1575G in the first week (1 Hero for 450G, 2 Heroes for 225G each?, 1 crafting stash) – 1200G
  • 10$ for 1000G (3 hero stashes) – 1050G
  • 10$ for 1000G (3 hero stashes) – 1050G
  • 10$ for 1000G (2 normal stashes) – 1000G

That’s ~11$/10€ per month (still got some spare G) so far, compared to the ~14$/13€ for other MMOs.
That’s ~14$/13€ per month (still got some spare G) so far, exactly like in other MMOs.

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