Another month of Marvel Heroes

Oh wow, it’s been nearly a month since I wrote down my progress in Marvel Heroes – guess I’ve been too busy playing the game  – so this means it’s still absolutely fun 🙂
So apparently since the last post I managed to prestige Human Torch a second time, get Hulk, Ghost Rider and Taskmaster to 60 and, which was the best part, get Punisher from a Random Hero Box and also level him to 60, yay. I also got enough OMEGA currency to buy my second team-up, Agent Coulson. So right now only 2 unlevelled characters out of 13.
Punisher is fun to level and play (probably because he had his review recently) despite his Ammo mechanic being very, very different than the Spirit for most heroes. Ghost Rider was kind of fun, but doesn’t seem to be strong (with my gear and/or spec), same for Taskmaster. Hulk was a bit unexciting, but I think because of levelling only in Midtown and ICP (no story mode at all) I neglected my gear, so I read he should be strong but didn’t feel like that – I probably have to redo some things and practice.
I also spent many hours better equipping some of the characters, with most of them now at least having only 60s epics (not min-maxing really, but I should write down a few slot/hero combos where to save up the cosmics).
I played a lot of Captain America at 60 on last Monday’s Midtown Madness  (a holiday) and earned around 100 OMEGA points, so now I’m just shy of 800. Not too bad for 100 days of login rewards (awesome concept btw) for which  I got the Mini-Ultron pet yesterday. I should tally them up at some point, I think…
So the last todo list looked like this:

  1. Get enough Cosmic Worldstones to buy the Doop pet
  2. Get enough OMEGA stuff to get Agent Coulson (Team-Up)
  3. Get a Legendary on the Heroes that are lacking one: SW, HT, CAP, HULK
  4. If possible, get the Hero a legendary before starting to level
  5. Story mode is incomplete on: HT, STM, MM
  6. Get Domino (Team-Up)
  7. Decide what and if to prestige again, preferably before retroactively completing story mode

So yeah, 1), 2) and 7) are completely done. 6) would need more Splinters and for now I still love Random Hero Boxes (although I got a 2nd SW token yesterday as well)
For 3-5 I need to elaborate. From the St. Patrick’s Day event you could get a massive amount of “levelling” Legendaries, where step 1 gives you 10% XP, step 2 and 3 gives you 10% RIF and SIF and then some more. So all heroes that don’t have a proper Legendary now have at least one of those and the ones with a proper one also have one of those stashed away. I also have enough Cosmic Worldstones and Odin Marks to buy some Legendaries, which I will do once the non-proper ones are maxed-out. We’ll see.
Regarding story mode, it was worse than I thought. At some point I decided to not do full-on story mode for the heroes anymore, so only Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Gambit have 100% completion, for Human Torch, Captain America and Storm I stopped midway on Superheroic. So for those 3 I now at least did the minimal story mode for the rewards and on the newer heroes only this from start to end. So now only Hulk and Miss Marvel are sitting at 154 power points (zero story mode) and Storm needs 3 more, the rest is maxed at 166. Oof.
From a money perspective, I spent 20$ since last month and have 490G left, but I have the hero stash for every hero I own now.
The hero wish list obviously lost Punisher, but gained She-Hulk.
Random fact: I just had to add “Punisher” and “Hawkeye” to Chrome’s spellchecker. Bad Google.

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