Twice as strong, and handsome as ever!

Yes, I played some more Marvel Heroes again after a little break. It’s probably a bad idea to not be in the mood during the awesome anniversary and with all the buffs, but I logged in daily and on Sunday and Monday I achieved quite a bit. MH_20150629 First I got Squirrel Girl to 60 on the weekend and with the help of Midtown Madness and a few XP boosts Thing from 1 to 60 in one evening without much effort (lacking all the skill points from story mode though) and what can I say… I really enjoyed Squirrel Girl but I loved Thing even more. This was exactly how Hulk should’ve played back when I played him. I definitely need to grab some gear and maybe even prestige him. I heard or read that the Story Mode revamp could be going live in July, so I think I can live without those skill points for now.
Since my last update there actually were a few more things happening. Nova seemed fun at first but was a bit painful and squishy to level, he’s 60 nonetheless. The new heroes in the roster are obviously the above two (bought Thing during BOGO, lucked out on Squirrel Girl token), took Spider-Man as my free anniversay hero (last one of the 600 Splinter ones I was missing) and Rogue… if only I had written this down sooner – but I’m pretty sure I used 175 Splinters just before buying Spider-Man. So lucky there as well, as I was pondering which of the 2 to take.
Also, one new Team-Up, Iron Man Mk II from the anniversary event.
So this brings me to 22 Level 60 Heroes now, 7 non-cosmic prestige runs, 3 Team-Ups, around 5-6 pets I think and more than 25 days /played. Oh well, apparently they do deserve what money I throw in their direction. Oh, and those 1350G I mentioned in May are mostly gone.

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