Playing EVE… differently

The last few days I’ve spent quite a bit of time in HighSec, doing some missions, some mining, trying to (finally) fill out the AIR reward thingies, and also to see some things I’ve not really seen for many years.

One thing I did was doing 20 “Distribution Missions” from Agents, basically ferrying stuff from A to B, with the very, very occasional shooting or mining. So I’ll get 100 points for doing those 20 missions, and also get some 2-3 others done on the way, for example by grabbing 375 LP to spend, or raising standing with some NPC corp.
But mostly I’m kinda shocked how different you’re fitting your ships here, or at least what you could do.

I am using a Sunesis with some Hyperspatial Rigs and some Inertial Stabilizers, so it aligns in under 2s and warps faster, because I’m doing a lot of travel. It basically has no tank (I had some room for a single Multispectrum Shield Hardener and it has an MWD and an Afterburner. I am carrying a refit of 3 Mining Lasers and 3 Light Missile Launchers. If I was in NullSec this would be a completely unfocused shitfit, but in HighSec where there are no bubbles, no one who will aggress my 20m Destroyer (as I never have valuable) cargo, it’s perfect.

It’s like I’m playing a completely different game. Just some chill space trucking, no worries to be shot. But on the other hand I’m making less than 1m ISK per hour, so Level 1 missions are really just for beginners and to learn the game. Still weird how NullSec is a complete sandbox and the missions in HighSec (or grinding out standing) is so, so different.

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