That escalated quickly

So as big as I was on Ragnarok Online, I haven’t logged in since the 22nd of October.
They posted this announcement, which I am quoting in full:

Dear Adventurers,
As we have been aware that bots are polluting our server more and more every day, we’ve decided to act and make botting less attractive than it has been so far.
From now on, the XP and Drop rates will change for both our Free and Premium users.
Indeed, below you will find the comparison between previous and new rates:
As you can see, we also increased the Premium rates as a thank you to our loyal players and we hope that these changes will make our server a better place to live and play on, for everyone.
Enjoy your time on Ragnarök Online!
Gravity Europe Team

And this is my definition of “slap in your face”. Who doesn’t care about lowered experience rates for free accounts at all? Correct. Bots. Who cares? Users.
But I’m not angry, I’ve been playing around a month for free and had planned to give them some money in the future, but after this I just stopped playing. Might come back (although unlikely), then would have to pay apparently.

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