Marvel Heroes Update… finally

After the downer with RO I got into playing Marvel Heroes again (last post was June 30th, so basically I didn’t play for nearly 4 months).
Now what do we see here?
Rogue, Star-Lord, and Black Panther went from “just started” to 60 (that’s 25 Level 60 Heroes of 27 I own) and there’s 2 new Team-Ups, Wolverine and Shield Agent, for a total of 5.
Spent 2×175 splinters on random Heroes. No luck this time, but there’s a free token waiting for me in ~18 days of login. (Which will be my 300 day anniversary. As I think I started playing around Christmas 2014, that seems to tell me I only didn’t login ~14 days this year. But many of those were literal 1 minute visits for the login bonus.)
I also bought some costumes (first time iirc). “Armored Panther” for Black Panther, “Avengers Movie” for Hawkeye and “House of M” for Scarlet Witch (they were all on a 50% sale and then between 300 and 400G each) and a Hero Tab for Star-Lord.
Also still playing Lost Lands once per day and Fallout Shelter on my phone. But after hitting 110 Vault Dwellers I’m only keen on the Nuka Cola Bottler and then probably leave it.

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