Busy in Tyria

Ranger at 40

Oh wow, I haven’t written about Guild Wars 2 in a while, but I didn’t play much I guess. In December ’15 I wrote “80 Warrior, 80 Thief, 46 Necromancer, 30 Guardian, 13 Engineer and 6 Ranger”.
Trying to retell the order of events: Guardian hit 80, went to be a Dragonhunter. Necro is got to 60, Engineer got to 20. That was in 2016, I guess.
When I started to play again last week (or was it 2 weeks ago?) I did some crafting first. The Necro is now 62 thanks to levelling Artificer to 265. Then I wasted the tasty XP because the Dragonhunter is now at 400 Weaponsmithing. Then I levelled the Engineer to 25 and stopped playing after researching builds and not liking what I saw at all. So I switched to the Ranger, played until Level 13 and used one of the “Get to Level 20” boosts. Then I levelled without any boosts to 40. Didn’t continue the story yet.
Mesmer at 30

Also I finally spent most of the Gems I still had from buying Heart of Thorns¬†on 2 character slots and a crafting mats expension because they were on sale. So I started a (Female Human) Mesmer and boosted her from 2 to 20, then did my story mode quests, finally used a few of my >200 Tomes of Knowledge and am now sitting at Level 30, waiting for the story quests to continue (but I logged out for lunch and writing a post.) So that’s >200 Tomes of Knowledge left, and also one full Level 80 boost. Maybe I got that when I bought Heart of Thorns as well? I think I’m saving this one for a Revenant as I’m not particularly interested in an Elementalist.
So that’s it now. Enough Tomes to boost whatever I like, but playing the Ranger is fun. Mesmer as well, but I think I’ll continue boosting her for now. And I still haven’t levelled Chef, Scribe, or Tailoring at all.

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