Six down, two to go

My plans for this sunny Saturday were partially scrapped and partially moved to tomorrow, so something happened.

After Powertech, Juggernaut, Scoundrel, Sentinel, and Sage – a Level 70 Trooper, already on Command Rank 5 and having finished Ziost.
So for level progression that’s zero at Command Level 300, six at Level 70, and two at Level 50.
Now let’s look at story progression:

  • 1x finished Knights of the Eternal Throne
  • 1x Chapter 5 of Knights of the Fallen Empire
  • 2x after Ziost, just before KotFE starts
  • 1x between Yavin IV and Ziost
  • 1x between Makeb and Shadows of Revan
  • 2x between the original story and Ilum (the 2 Level 50 characters)

I’ve also been busy with Professions (damn you, completionism) and the current state is:

  • 600 Biochem, Bioanalysis, Diplomacy, Treasure Hunting, Underworld Trading
  • 550 Artificer, Synthweaving, Scavenging, Archaeology
  • 530 2x Scavenging, Armormech
  • 500 Cybertech, Armstech, Investigation

Still some stuff to do, but I see everything besides the Command Level 300 being moderately to very fun to tackle and not a chore.

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