The end of the content

Today I finished the content I hadn’t done in SWTOR’s Onslaught expansion and as I didn’t subscribe, I think there’s no point in continuing now. Sure, there’s this one char I’ve been running through KotFE, I’ll continue that – but I noticed that doing the Weekly Conquest goal on a 75 char (who has already maxed out to 99% just before 77 and can’t continue) it’s kinda pointless. I can get some Tech Fragments (and I’m nearly capped at 11k) but all the gear is being disintegrated anyway, there are no more Renown Levels to be done, the only thing is the kinda huge undertaking of trying to complete the season, and I’m not really sure that’s a goal I want to take on right now.

The Onslaught content was relatively good, I guess, but I hate the fact that the meat (after Mek-Sha, so the content that wasn’t here at launch, I think?) were only 2 Solo-Story instances, which I had wanted to duo. Why the hell, Bioware? Why do I have to play alone? Also they’re a joke in 306 gear from a difficulty perspective, but I can forgive that – but not being able to play them in a group is really meh.

So yeah, I guess my plans (after the Sage is caught up) are now: Finish Onslaught again on my Bounty Hunter, progress through KotFE/KotET on Juggernaut, ignore Trooper 🙁 and that’s it.

I know, I know, if I had just subscribed I could continue with the story – but I wonder why everything feels so pointless. I was deliberately taking a few days to get acquainted with the game again and somehow it’s not really drawing me in.

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I actually played SWTOR

OK, so after trying to get back into SWTOR a bit (spreadsheets were involved), there are a few things that happened.

  • As a Preferred Player (not subscribed) I “activated” 6 more of my characters (the last one you played stays active anyway)
  • They all seem to be item Level 305-306 and Level 75
  • Managed to reach the Conquest goal on 3 of them
  • You can still easily waste 50k points by finishing the wrong thing on the wrong toon, I could have had 4 now
  • Made it to Galactic Season Level 4.5
  • I am nearly caught up to the end of Onslaught on one character
  • Started KotFE on one character
  • None of the characters I looked at have a Level 50 companion. Highest I saw are 45 and 44

So I have 12 characters at the old max level of 75 and only 2 of them had finished KotET and a third had finished KotFE. For the majority of my active play time not all the companions had been back, and I hated that – also back when I did it it was kind of a slog, on the Sage a bit and on the Operative even more (I think on the Bounty Hunter it was fine). So that’s the reason why I never did it.

For the one character where I started KotFE today I noticed that I kinda remember a lot oft this, despite only having done it three times, and I don’t even know how long ago the first time was. In my mind I had this dreadful stretch of time, but if you spacebar hard enough (just skimming the options to select) and I was SO surprised how quickly it goes – but maybe my Sith Juggernaut in 306 gear just kills everything very quickly and I don’t have to search for things. But still:

  • Chapter 1 – 13 min
  • Chapter 2 – 15 min
  • Chapter 3 – 12 min
  • Chapter 4 – 25 min
  • Chapter 5 – 12 min

I guess I can do this. So while I’m not making any grand plans, I’ll see if I can push him through this and then all the way through Onslaught in the next weeks and maybe do a Conquest or two per week.

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A return to SWTOR?

SWTOR’s new expansion Legacy of the Sith has dropped and I actually patched up and logged in!

There has been a huge UI overhaul and the SWTOR subreddit seems to collectively hate it. I’m not super happy with some of the things, but overall I don’t see a problem – but I’ve not done a lot of things yet. Yes, the class icons are an abomination and I really hope they’ll patch them…

I did play through the “Echoes of Oblivion” thing of one of the last patches last night, and while I liked it overall, I am not a fan of this type of setting (to avoid spoilers), I prefer more non-abstract down-to-earth missions.

According to this neat flowchart it seems I have 2 instances lined up, then I will run into the wall that is “must be a subscriber to play the new expansion”, but I’ve not even logged in more than 2 (Republic) characters as of now, and I’ve been away for more than a year (last SWTOR post in September 2020), so I first need to find out where in the story I stand and maybe I have some catch-up to do anyway. Won’t hurt to familiarize myself with some of my toons again, and right now I don’t mind catching up with older content – but of course I won’t repeat this 10 times…

As I wrote this week I’m still 100% unsure whether to resub WoW for 9.2, so I think it’s a bad idea to sub SWTOR now – but if WoW doesn’t happen or if I’m gone again after a month, then this is a possibility. I guess having someone at home who has started playing again (and actually managing to get over 100 renown levels in the last week to get that “every class to 100” achievement) has helped the hype factor – as usual it’s better to play with friends.

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One more class story done

No post for a month, no SWTOR post for 6 weeks.

Today I finally cleaned out my Legacy Cargohold and distributed gear to the toons with missing 306 sets. A few items missing here and there, 1-2 are only at 305, but the rest of the dozen is at 306 and I’m just missing a few set pieces.

Also just finished the original class mission on my Sniper, didn’t hate playing her from Level 30 on as at the start. She’s 54 now and so I unlocked Rattataki, the last missing launch race.

Managed to finish my Conquests on most toons most weeks and so I had quite a few Tech Fragments to spend. All in all, quite boring to write about but it kept me busy.

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Grinding gear

Back from a mini vacation, now nearly a week of nothing planned, it’s too hot here anyway.

Been playing a lot of SWTOR again, noticed that I didn’t train any char since 70, but apparently there was only one new skill at 72. Done some Conquests, Guardian is 71 and has finished Yavin 4, Sniper is 31 and has finished Alderaan. Not having much fun playing Operative or Scoundrel, but renewed interest in Shadow and Assassin.

No real goals, but gear grinding is going relatively well, at 297ish now.

My main problem right now is running out of bank space, as usual.

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That Gambling Event

After like 3 weeks of players raging Bioware finally managed to fix the Casino Event and that was the time for me to join it. Ain’t nobody got time to faff about with buggy events that are not so fun anyway.

Apparently I had taken part already in 2018 and had a few of the easy achievements already. By doing my dailies and weeklies for the last weeks I had amassed something like 12 Emperor chips (those for the bugged machines) and so I spent them, winning I don’t know how many Kingpin tokens and could get to play. I don’t actually like this slot machine stuff, I am like 0% susceptible to this type of gambling, so my goal (besides getting all the achievements) was to be able to spend all those damn chips and get rid of them in my currency tab, winning wasn’t so important as a short-term goal. By the way it works you have like a 50% chance to get your token back as a consolidation prize… But in the end I made it. Spent a few hours this weekend, usually parked between 2 Kingpin machines, reading something on the left monitor and clicking the 2 slot machines on the right screen. Not my kinda fun, really. But I made it and in the end I had like 112 Golden Certificates (you need 98 to buy all the achievement stuff, 1 Rancor, 1 Mercenary Contract, 2 Mounts, and 3 Decoration items) and I had a few spare for some more decoration. Nice. I still have like 200 Kingpin chips on some characters but I only need 1 or 2 Golden Certificates more for the one decoration I couldn’t afford and that would be nice to have. Apparently I’m just missing the Republic story line (might do later) and the secret achievement, bah.

In other news, the Guardian has still not reached 75, but I’m done with my 11 Conquests this week and my gear level is ~290 already despite buying a few of the expensive 3000 tech fragment pieces and only going random with the spares. All in all a successful week and still enjoying most of it, despite the casino grind.

I haven’t exactly kept track, but I think I have 3-4 characters just before Renown rank 20 now, the rest is 3-10. So the next goal is put a little time into the Guardian and I also need to do swoop racing once more this week.

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A little bit less meh

Despite feeling a bit smashed (hope it’s not a cold…) the day off today lifted my spirits and while I didn’t manage to go out and meet some friends for a beer and barbecue at the riverside beach (because headache) I played some SWTOR and had fun again.

Got my 10th ex-70 toon to 75 just now (and the next two are 71 and 65) and as I was told repeatedly now I will probably actually focus on getting the iLevel higher by focusing on one toon (thanks Shintar and Pallais). Just not sure which one. I seem to be having more fun with Juggernaut and Commando than with the PowerTech currently. Also I noticed I missed Kai Zykken the last two weekends, but at least I got one piece today. I also re-examined all the guides I have (all from Vulkk, as Dulfy doesn’t post anymore), speced the last missing Combat Proficiency points (which I always forget), and finally cleaned out the bank a bit. I had to start a new toon (Togruta Sith Sorcerer) to make space, but I wanted to start a Sith Sorcerer and a Togruta anyway at some point… Having enough cartel market coins I also bought the Nautolan unlock (last one missing) and played around in the character creator. The 2 classes I’m still missing are Gunslinger and Vanguard, and both are supposed to be male. I guess I’ll go Nautolan for the Gunslinger and either Rattataki or Chiss for the Vanguard, but as I still have one boost I will hold this off. Maybe I’ll manage to play my Sniper to 50 and unlock Rattataki for the Vanguard so I can play around in the creator.

So many plans, always chasing the next thing, never finishing the important things… like getting gear. But as I don’t plan to raid or do master mode, maybe chasing gear isn’t actually important. After going pretty serious in EVE lately and still having my plan to raid in WoW’s Shadowlands, maybe not stressing out over SW:TOR and just enjoying the ride is the right thing to do anyway.

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Work has been crazy the last two weeks, I’m not sleeping well and that’s probably the main reason why I didn’t post.

Been logging in to WoW for only 5 mins most days, collecting and starting Legion Champion missions. So close to 500 on my Rogue, but I might just end up having to grab new resources at like 497.

Been progressing slowly and steadily in SWTOR (9 75s, one at 73). I’m in a bit of a rut now though, I am not happy with the way gear works. Maybe I’m not playing enough (getting the conquest on 2 toons per night usually) but my Renown ranks are not progressing very fast and I’m just barely at 276 iLevel on my best set of gear. As the gear you get is based on what you’re wearing (as I understood it) I’ve been shifting a single set of gear from toon to toon, which gets old really fast. Just an hour ago I deconstructed a ton of 270 gear, keeping only 8 sets of 272-276 gear and one set of 268 that can be worn at Level 71 already. Actually not sure if I’ll continue after this month, but maybe my overall mood will improve next week.

Also not been playing a ton of EVE, the war is boring me already after a week. I wasn’t happy to put my death clone to our war staging as I usually hate traveling just for the sake of it anyway, but at least I’ve been roaming a bit on my alt, doing a bit of PI. Haven’t joined any fleets in a few days though. Maybe all the people who had been playing for months or years were indeed bored and eager for the war, but I’ve only returned 3-4 months ago and was just on a fun ride and experiencing NullSec properly. Then the war came and everything is hectic and different and it held me up by making the things that I was just (re-)learning different.

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SWTOR progress

With the war in EVE having started and me being terrible at retelling such grand stories I’m gonna link to Wilhelm here, despite us being on the opposite sides of the war.

But back to SWTOR, I think I finished the Conquest on all 12 toons (who can keep track of that without a spreadsheet? Madness.) and right now it looks as if my guild will win first place on the planet we’re invading this week. I certainly did my part, although only on 6 chars.

I have 5 Level 75 characters now (Sage, Commando, Powertech, Mercenary, and as of today Juggernaut). Scoundrel is 73, Shadow is 71, Assassin is 71, Operative is 73, Sentinel is 73, Marauder is 66, and Guardian is 64. The latter 2 are doing the Rishi quest line currently, Sage and Powertech have finished Onderon (and the Swoop bike quests), and the 3 others were mostly leveled to 75 and not touched since. I’m alternating between the other toons and putting them through Ziost, CZ-198, Black Hole, sometimes Yavin 4, and to go do 2 missions on a random planet from time to time.

I also did the Star Fortresses for the 2nd time, on the Sage this time, spread over 4 days iirc. Boy do those get boring quickly. Also still missing a lot of the Paladins for the achievement, but I might be talked into a 3rd round soonish.

I’m not really seeing a lot of gear progression currently, got 2 sets of 268 for finishing the Onslaught story, then a few 270s drops and if I mix and match it’s a set of 274s with a few 272, despite wearing all the highest-level items every time I’ve been doing anything on a 75 char. Maybe easier to level the rest first and then think about gear. It’s not that I need it for anything.

Overall it’s been 2 weeks and I’m… content I guess. I’m having fun, I’m trying not to burn out and only play as long as I’m having fun (2 weeks of stay at home vacation, so no problem playing 2-3h each day). I’m not completely sold on “I WANT MORE” but right now I think I’ll at least stay for a 2nd month, let’s see how it looks in 2 weeks.

My actual main problem now is that I want a good transmog for my Republic main. This robe is the best thing I’ve found and I’ve been sporting it since October 2017 when I returned to the game after ~6 years and I didn’t wear my old Level 50 raiding gear anymore. I’m actually not beyond buying any set I like for up to 1500 cartel coins at this point, but I haven’t found the perfect one yet 🙁

Will my Sage ever look different?

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Finding my way back into SWTOR

When I left SWTOR a bit over a year ago I had 12 chars I was at least semi-actively playing. 6 on the Empire side and 6 on the Republic side. 10 of them were Level 60, 5 per side. Also all of the 4 base classes and one extra per faction, no duplicate extended classes.

The empire guild that I had joined in October 2018 had only kicked my alts but kept my main (which is perfectly fine if you ask me) and on day 2 I politely asked to invite some alts back and that was quickly fixed.

The main focus back then were Conquests and apparently the changes to Conquests did change a lot. We were usually grabbing the Large Yield planet without bigger problems, with group activities accounting for a sizable chunk of the Conquest XP per week, but also people reaching their personal goal on all alts. I do remember it was a bit of work to manage that if you weren’t actively playing that particular toon a lot that week.

So apparently this has changed and while I was really surprised how quick you manage to get your personal goal (30mins? per toon if you don’t know what you’re doing and coming back after a year, and if you spread the planets with quick weekly quests over a few days you can easily do 10 toons = 500-700k XP in 5h in a week I guess) and so another guild that’s bigger seems to be the top dog on our server now. We’re still number 2 – we’ll see how this evolves over the weekend and the coming weeks. But people can apparently solo a lot more and that’s when numbers count more than group content like operations. I don’t exactly remember how the rewards work and if we’ll get something next week if we’re number 2 on this planet and if this is still better than winning a Medium one. Whatever.

I think I finished Onslaught on my Sage today but I’m not sure if the follow-up quest is part of the expansion story line proper. I’m told to do Mek-Sha dailies now and wait, I guess. Also I met one of my missing companions but I’m not sure I have the Alliance Alert to recruit them again, as I read somewhere. I hope I didn’t miss that chance, I mean I didn’t kill them so it might work out in the end. Oh, and he’s 75 already.

I also finished Onderon on my Bounty Hunter and dinged 74 in the progress, so on to Mek-Sha on the weekend. 2 more toons dinged 71 while doing the Conquest, and 5 of the 6 others are close. As I’m not really sure if I should buckle up and do KotFE+KotET on all or even any of them (or do KotET on the Agent) and just jump to Onderon thereby getting the “default story” locked in. Do I really care on some alts? Do I care anyway? Missing companions would be the only thing I guess. I wasn’t such a fan of the linear movie-like experience that I’m keen on doing it a 4th time…

I suppose just getting to max level and then acquiring gear via Renown would still be possible, there is no good reason to do the story just for this set of green 268 gear you get.

Also looking at my old “goals” posts and see which of those are still current, I guess the clear current goals are:

  • find out if I finished Onslaught on Sage
  • finish Onslaught on Bounty Hunter
  • finally find a good outfit for my Sage, seriously…
  • get 9 chars to 75
  • do the remaining 2-3 Conquests this week
  • buy the new Alderaan Stronghold (also Umbara?)
  • finish the 1000 kills achievements passively (i.e. have the correct companion out)
  • ~7 warzone matches for M1-4X
  • level Guardian
  • level Juggernaut

Worst change this expansion so far: the small shield icon for Bound-to-Legacy gear is gone and I have no idea how I should keep track of my stuff in my bank tabs now.

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