MMOs and focus

Every time I read about people who can play (and enjoy) multiple MMOs at the same time (I’m mostly thinking of Syp, but there are others) I’m astonished. Whenever I tried to pay for 2 subs at the same time (and yes, that small amount of money is still a real argument for me, in the sense of “I’m paying this monthly sub, I better be playing that game”) I might hold up for a week of alternating, but at some point I’ll highly gravitate towards one of the games and use up 99% of my gaming time in that week or month or that game – I just can’t seem to focus on more than one. The only exception might be EVE Online, where it’s feasible to pay for offline training and only actively play a few hours per month, but I’m more thinking of traditional MMOs here. I’m mostly ok with that, but if I knew it would work for me, I’d be joining WoW’s BfA expansion now, because I’m kinda nosy. But I’m having a blast in SW:TOR and I still have Dead Cells and Quake Champions here, and I’m already neglecting those 2.
PS: Blaugust has started and this is my fourteenth post.

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  1. There is a limit to my MMO bandwidth, and it has grown more narrow with age, and I hate to pay for something I am not using. Right now I can play one fantasy MMORPG along with EVE Online at any given time, and I can generally manage that because I am somewhat “on call” for events in EVE as opposed to playing it the way I am playing WoW right now.

    1. Yeah, that “on call” is kinda the worst thing and one of the reasons I stopped playing EVE – in the last years (also since I stopped raiding in WoW) I’m sadly very egocentric of “I want to play when *I* feel like it, and not be dependant on other people” – I hope it will get better and I’ll be able to enjoy group content again in the future…

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