Blaugust finished

Belghast already put up the postmortem, I have officially reached silver with my 16 posts in August. Thanks to Bel for organizing it again and thanks to all participants for giving me lots of reading material!

There are many badges like this, but this one is mine

Today I didn’t push a lot in FFXIV, but I got all my DoH jobs to 71, so I can finally equip the gear I bought. Then I went to the marketboard and instead of spending 80k per job for a Level 71 MH+OH combo I sorted by level and went down the list until I could buy an MH+OH combo for around 10k per job, usually landing me Level 65 or 68 items. Good enough of an upgrade over the Level 50 stuff and I will probably replace it at 80 anyway.

Also after a lot of searching I managed to unlock Custom Deliveries and already used it to get some Crafting XP. Pro tip: Actually try to speak with the NPCs mentioned in the guide, they might have a second “blue” quest and then you won’t notice on the minimap. Ask me how I know…

Finally I took the time and linked some glamour plates to gear sets, something I’d put off for a while, and I don’t even know why. WHM had the glamour, but unlinked. PLD got one of the job armor sets, DNC got the Miqo’te starter gear, for ARC, MCH, DRK I made custom ones. And maybe I forgot a class, but I need to make screenshots anyway.

Staying motivated, 2021 edition

Every time this topic comes around for Blaugust (or elsewhere) I feel torn.

On the one hand, this blog is more of a diary of stuff that happened in games, mostly as something I will come back to, but with a little bit of commentary on issues sprinkled in. For this I don’t really need to feel motivated. I want to write it down, so I just need to find a little time to actually do it. Not a huge problem.

On the other hand I set myself a tentative goal of getting 15 posts in for Blaugust, which is just an arbitrary number. If I do 3 posts a month it’s fine, if I do 20 it’s fine. The only thing is that I don’t let a month lapse without a post and a very quick look tells me that the last month I didn’t post was May 2018. So this is my low bar for motivation, don’t let it look as if I had abandoned the blog. I had some breaks in the past and that’s also fine, but I try to get in at least one post per week, and this works out most months.

Will this help you? Probably not, but if you don’t feel like posting, don’t post. But this is not a blanket statement, just a temporary solution.

Also I have no numbers to back this up, but my consumption of other blogs is also very sporadic. I used to read 1h per day when commuting via subway. I often don’t read more than 10 minutes per day if I don’t have time. And sometimes I’m not even in the mood. But if I like your blog and you post once per week, there’s a very good chance I will catch up, even if it’s a month late because I only read your handful of posts in one sitting. I also don’t remove blogs from my reader if they’ve gone silent for a while, it costs me nothing and I’m happy if you come back after a year. Or three. But other readers might be different. And if your sole reason for blogging is to reach a big audience then I can’t help you, because that’s not what I do and so I can’t give any advice.

It’s Blaugust again and this is post number 13.

Blaugust 2021

It’s that time of the year again and Blaugust is upon us. Belghast wrote about it last week, and many people already chimed in.

Blaugust logo shamelessly stolen from Belghast, as usual

Last year we had Blapril instead, 2019 I sat out, 2018 I did the full 31 days. This year is a little bit like 2019, I’m not highly enthusiastic, but I’ve written between 3 and 9 posts every month this year. I’m busy playing WoW, Retail and TBC Classic, I’m playing EVE, and now I’m playing FFXIV again. And I’m writing about them regularly but not overly often. I might miss the start of Blaugust by doing outdoor things anyway and I might be writing 3-9 blog posts in August anyway.

Not sure why, but this time it feels a little bit like cheating to participate when the goal is simply 5 posts for Bronze (which I think I should be able to do, or which I think will happen anyway). Everyone else is of course free to strive for 5 posts, I think it’s a fine amount of posts per month, without Blapril it would’ve hit my 2020 average pretty nicely – but if I’m not enthusiastic about committing, just grabbing the badge feels odd.

On the other hand this is not a competitive writing contest so I could try for 15 posts for silver and fall back to bronze if I’m not being pumped up, which usually happens with discussions and writing prompts and what not. I’m definitely not completely noping out like 2019, where interestingly I ended up writing 11 posts in August 2019 anyway and 96 in the whole year, so I guess I’m just being weird about it.

The good thing is that I still have a week to decide, and I’m hanging out in the Blaugust Discord anyway. Also writing this down has already nudged me a little bit towards signing up…

Should I stay or should I go now?

If this was a different year you might have seen me participating in Blaugust, but we had Blapril (and it was super fun) but there’s another event going on, Promptapalooza. Go check out Belghast’s intro blog post if you haven’t already.

Yesterday it was Bhagpuss’ turn (so I’m keeping the theme of how headlines are formed) and tomorrow you should go visit Solarayo, but today I have something for you.

Do you “finish” games/hobbies/projects and move on or do you come back to the same things again and again?

This blog will be 11 years old in a few months and maybe I’ll break the 400 post mark, but there are several things you won’t find here. Reviews of new (or old) games for example. Or a whole lot of “I finished a game!” posts (The Completed category has a whopping 11 entries. One per year, and that basically says enough already, doesn’t it?), but as I’ve been a MMO player first and foremost ever since I discovered them around 2003, that isn’t too surprising I guess. So maybe let’s get back to the topic, although I think I already answered a good part of it. I’m not the kind of person to see completion of a game as a primary goal, otherwise I guess I would have a bigger pile of finished games. On the other hand I do seem to come back to the MMOs I liked quite a lot. 8 years of WoW, 4 year break, 2 more years of WoW. Played SWTOR at launch and came back for the second time now. Came back to EVE several times. I’ve yet to come back to FFXIV, but I’d love to, there’s just not enough time. I just think the ship for LotRO has sailed (to Aman?). For the record, I’m not going back to replay single player titles though, with a few exceptions, where I really like one installment, like Heroes of Might and Magic III.

Games aside, I’m actually someone who loves to try new things in general. And who is very bad at staying with them. As a kid/teen I tried out every sport under the sun (on of the things I liked at school, despite being not the sporty type and disliking sports in general, we often rotated disciplines every semester: Football, Handball, Basketball, Badminton, Rowing, and a few more). I also stopped mountain-biking at some point and only took it up a few years ago. Had to skip 2019 for a few personal reasons and 2020 also didn’t help in getting to the mountains with friends, but I’m really, really hoping for spring 2021…

I also used to paint miniatures for years and had a lot of fun. I’d love to do that again, but it would mean buying tons of equipment again, making room, and where do I put those minis then? I’m not even playing BattleTech anymore, and I never actually played Warhammer (40k preferably).

When I look at Pen & Paper roleplaying games, I think I’m the one in our group who’d be most open to trying new things, but right now we’re starting a new Shadowrun group (and that’s fine because it’s my favourite setting, but we’re using the 25 year old 2.0 rules because… I don’t know, at least we have the source books and it’s what everyone knows, although I also have 3 and 5…) yet again. I don’t think we’ll ever manage to do Earthdawn or real D&D.

So to sum it up, I guess there are things where I actually come back and there are things where I’m one of those “I really should take this up again” people who never actually get anything done. Maybe I do lose interest quite soon, but in the end I think I live on a sort of priority queue. If A is fun but B is more fun and there’s no reason not to do B, I don’t need a lot of mixing up things and am totally happy to do B.

Also maybe this topic is also good for a bit of introspection. I like to learn new things but I hate to try to master them. Get good enough to take part and do the thing with people – yes. Try to get good enough to actually win against or do better than people who didn’t start as late as I did – nope.

Bla Bla Blapril

There’s a thing going on and because I had a lot of with Blaugust in 2018 and been following this for a week in the Blaugust Discord I decided to join, on the last day of course 😛

I plan to not follow the schedule again, only count the posts made in April, and I plan to do more than 5 posts, 15 is a stretch goal.

Oh, and we’re Blaprilists now, not Blaugustans.

Blaugust 2019

Although I had a lot of fun doing Blaugust last year – I did 31 posts in August and 52 consecutive days in total, I guess I’m gonna sit out this year. I’m not hyped for anything, I’ve nothing new to say about WoW (continuing to play, even winding down a bit after getting flying, no plans to raid) and FFXIV (ok, it is new to me but everyone else is already finished with Shadowbringers already ( well, everyone except Naithin) and I’ve a few goals but am in no rush) and no new games planned. The SWTOR expansion is supposed to launch soonish, but it’s still too far off to commit.

This wasn’t really a great year overall and I’m not in the mood to commit to anything, although Bronze might be easily doable even with traveling for a few days. Maybe I’ll change my mind last minute as I often do 😛

Anyway, here’s Belghast’s full post and I wish everyone participating good luck and hopefully as much joy as I had last year.

Blaugust 2018 Analyzed

Belghast posted the final tally. Wilhelm chimed in. Rakuno as well.
I’m gonna steal the summary (sorry Bel):

  • 90 blogs signed up in Blaugust Reborn 2018
  • 83 bloggers made at least one post during the month
  • We added 1404 new blog posts to the community as a result of Blaugust Reborn
  • This equated to an average of 45 new blog posts per day
  • 26 Bloggers had 31 posts during the month or in a few cases considerably more


Blaugust 2018 Rainbow Award Logo
Officially Certified: Rainbow

So it’s official now, and I’m pretty happy. I’m usually not one to value awards or official recognition, but this was a goal I set for myself. I’m usually bad at achieving any goals that include doing something daily (except brushing my teeth, sadly the time for recognizing this as an achievement is gone for a few decades already), but I managed to do this one!

This was Blaugust Reborn 2018

Hooray, we did it! We made it through 1 (or 31, or any number in between) posts in the month of August! Congrats Blaugustians new and old!
I don’ have much to say, so this is purely a statistics meta post:

  • 31 consecutive posts in August
  • exactly one post per “day”, as in sleep cycle. Two or three came 1-2h after midnight, but before I went to bed.
  • so I think I’ll get a “Rainbow Diamond Award”, yay!
  • as I started in July, this makes 42 consecutive days with one post per day each
  • including this post, I wrote 10463 words (subtract 50 for emoticons I guess, this wasn’t scientific counting)
  • the average post length was 349 words
  • the median post length was 262 words
  • the longest post was 1043 words
  • the shortest post was 106 words, so even for whatever threshold you use, I wouldn’t say I cheated
  • WordPress says I had 551 visitors, which is more than 10 times the normal amount. Thanks for reading 🙂
  • 43 comments, oh wow! (I guess nearly half of them were me responding though)
  • even though I was away on vacation for a few days… it wasn’t two weeks, so scheduling in advance worked fine
  • I’m not sick of posting, so I might continue for a bit, but latest mid-September I’ll have to take some time off anyway
PS: Blaugust has come to an end and this is my thirty-first post – thank you Belghast and all participants.

Gaming Podcasts in 2018

I might have mentioned it, I’m listening to a few podcasts, originally the list was pretty small, but it kinda grew over time:

  • Battle Bards – I think this was the first podcast I listened to regularly
  • AggroChat – I’ve listened to every episode except for 2 that are on my todo list (145 and 151)
  • Massively Overpowered – Listened to it for a while in the past and again lately. I like it, but I’m not so much interested in “gaming news” as in the hosts telling stories about exploits.
  • All Things Geekery – Stumbled over this via Blaugust Reborn and listened to the whole Season 2.
  • I used to listen to a few EVE podcasts while I was playing, but I don’t really remember right now
  • And too bad that Cat Context hasn’t been running for a while 🙁

As to how I’m listening? Only when I’m playing something moderately grindy, e.g. leveling in a zone for the umpteenth time where I already know all the quests. Doesn’t work for cutscene-heavy stuff, e.g. GW2’s personal story, or KotFE or KotET in SWTOR. Works fine for all the levels in between (and I can easily pause it for the important cutscenes). Sometimes it’s even “I want to listen to the latest episode of X, so I may as well level a bit in the meantime” 😛
I already bookmarked a handful of other gaming podcasts during this month and will have a look at them, but if you have any recommendations, please do post them! (Preferably no Twitch/etc streams, please, I’m really not a fan of live content and/or the usual content of streams.)

PS: Blaugust has started and this is my thirtieth post. Stay tuned for a summary tomorrow!

Mixed bits of progress

My short one-week vacation is coming to an end, back to work tomorrow. Didn’t do much but play SWTOR yesterday and today while recovering from sightseeing and catching a light cold on my trip.
First I tried to speed-run a 2h Command XP buff, because I really, really, really want to get to Command Level 300 on my Bounty Hunter. I managed to do the dailies (with a weekly each) for Ziost, Black Hole, CZ-198, Yavin 4, Corellia Heroics, and nearly managed to do Voss (would’ve needed like 3mins more, grrr). I had a few Bonus XP packs to open, but still – from CL 211 to CL 236 isn’t bad in 2h – so that means I need to that twice more and then maybe once without a buff and I should be set. With 2 people it probably would have worked to get Voss done as well. Maybe there are even faster things to do, but I’m too lazy to research, it’s not so bad if I have to spend 2h more on this.
Next up was my last missing (base class) character who’s not 70 yet, my Sith Assassin. So I did Makeb and started on the Shadow of Revan pre-quests. I’m kinda getting sick of the “Assault on Tython” and “Korriban Incursion” flashpoints, especially as they’re followed *very* soon by “Depths of Manaan”, “Legacy of the Rakata”, “Blood Hunt”, and “Battle of Rishi” – and I’ve done them quite a few times now. Ugh. I’m at 57 now after these first two and need to regain some rested XP first.
To relax a bit I continued the story line on my baby Sith Marauder and finished Balmorra at Level 23. Next stop: Nar Shaddaa, but again waiting for some rested XP.
Before the dailies reset this morning I quickly finished Ziost and CZ-198 on my Commando, then the afternoon was mostly spent with my Sith Juggernaut, who is kinda different than most of the others. I leveled him as a duo and we didn’t rush the planets, but did most of the story lines – so he was Level 70, but hadn’t even seen Ilum yet. Now I caught up a bit, but doing the Tython/Korriban FPs twice a day is really not my cup of tea. At least I found my fun again playing him – mobs just kinda fall down if I manage to position them right for AoE. I can’t even decide which class/spec I like more right now. Powertech BH, Telekinetics Sage, or Vengeance Juggernaut.
Finally I progressed a little in KotFE on my Jedi Sage, at Chapter IX now, in the progress made a few levels. But I’m mostly interested in getting my companions back and being able to do some Archaeology, I have this character at 551 Synthweaving and my Juggernaut at 550 Artifice and would really love to get both to 600 soon…
So yeah, many small steps and a few bigger ones, but my play time will be going down a bit now.
Some quick short- and midterm gaming goals:

  • Levels: Get an 8th Level 70 character
  • Command Levels: Get Bounty Hunter to 300, then grab the permanent 25% boost and work on the next toon
  • Professions: Synthweaving and Artificer from 550 to 600
  • Achievements:
    • Get to Social IV on Juggernaut
    • Get to Valor 30 on BH
    • Finally do the last missing Heroic Missions: Balmorra on both sides
    • Grab some missing Datacrons
    • Start (and finish? :P) the HK-51 quest line
    • Finish the last “Kill 1000 mobs with this companion” achievements:
      • Agent: 3/5 done
      • Consular: 3/5 done (because of the meta at launch I *only* played with Qyzen)
      • Knight: 3/5 done
      • Inquisitor: 1/5 done (damn stealth playstyle :P)
      • Smuggler: 3/5 done
      • Trooper: 4/5 done
      • Fortresses: 2/6 done

PS: Blaugust has started and this is my twenty-ninth post. Only two more to go!