In search of goals

Wow, I guess right now it’s the first time in a few months I sit at the login screen and don’t have a real goal I want to tackle.

That’s what wrote in out Blaugust Discord yesterday and I needed a day to let that sink in. Since I resubbed in June I kinda logged in nearly every day and worked towards my goals (all classes to Level 70, and Command Level 300 on my BH) – and now I’m kinda there (BH is only at 270, but I want to wait until the next weekly reset to power through the last 30 levels).
Doesn’t help I’m still a little sick since 2 weeks and a bit weak, so no fun tours in the sun or anything.
So what was on my list at the end of August?

  • Get to Social IV on Juggernaut
    • A duo run of Black Talon yields ~100 and takes ~20mins, so I need 2 more
  • Get to Valor 30 on BH
    • DONE
  • Finally do the last missing Heroic Missions: Balmorra on both sides
    • Imperial side: DONE, Republic Side: 6 missing, so I’ll knock those out next week I guess.
  • Grab some missing Datacrons
    • Wasn’t in the mood for jumping puzzles
  • Finish the last “Kill 1000 mobs with this companion” achievements
    • Progressed a little here, but besides the Rampage missions for a Conquest… I’m not going out of my way to grind stuff, nope

Which brings me to the last point:

  • Start (and finish? :P) the HK-51 quest line

Yep, I finally started it – years after it was introduced. Here’s the guide and I only need component #6 and #7 now, so 2 FPs and then a fight that might be a little harder than usual.
I had stumbled over Shintar’s blog in the past but only started to follow actively since Blaugust. There was a post about pugging videos lately, which immediately sounded interesting to me because I had religiously followed the adventures of the Pugging Pally back in 2009/10.
I started to sample the mentioned season 2 first (operations) but then decided to start in the beginning and I really like it. Due to the magic of two monitors I’ve “seen” 12 episodes, but I treat it more as a mix of podcast and glancing over to the left, not glued to the screen, while I’m doing dailies or other not-so-engaging content. I’m usually not one of those people watching Netflix or TV during gaming, but sometimes it works. I also watched most of the Daredevil series that way, back when my beloved Marvel Heroes was still running, also during leveling, which was admittedly a bit brainless, doing story mode for the 30th or 40th time…

3 thoughts on “In search of goals”

  1. Sounds like you’re past the hump with HK already. I’ll always remember the searching for parts on the ground being the bit that drove people to distraction (myself included). How did that go for you?
    I’m glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the videos. 🙂 And I watch YouTube in exactly the same way, mostly focusing on the audio, with the visuals on my second screen being more supplementary than anything else.
    Oh, and I used to be a fan of the Pugging Pally as well back in the day! What a small world. Before I started making my own pugging video series, I wrote a series of blog posts about levelling a character in SWTOR through flashpoints, inspired by PP. The videos were the next step after that.

    1. Hehe, yeah I saw your link to the Healing Merc Twi’lek (did I get that right from memory?).
      Oh, and apparently I was really, really lucky – I did all of the components 1-5 yesterday in like… 2h? I just got told “damn you lucky bastard” in only slightly nicer words by someone who had already spent 5h on one planet…

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