Ding 300

So I made it and kinda forgot the screenshot, bah. My Bounty Hunter is CL 300 and I could finally buy that sweet +25% Command XP buff for 2m credits. Then I continued by doing all the weeklies and then Oricon (yay, first time there I guess. Or maybe second time, but I couldn’t remember anything… I don’t like it, it reminds me of… Felwood? Eastern Plaguelands? Meh.) on my Sage, which resulted in Command 134. But no, I’m not desperately rushing him towards 300 as well – just trying to finish the Conquest a 2nd time this week. My sub will renew on the 15th and I thought about letting it lapse now, not being there for 2 weeks and planning to buy BfA when I’m back, but I’ve not decided yet. I’ll probably want to play on the weekend after the 15th…
So, how does it look now for the 4 mirror classes and the potential 4x +25% CXP boosts?

  • Bounty Hunter/Trooper – BH at 300, Commando is at 49
  • Consular/Inquisitor – Sage at 134, Assassin is at 4
  • Smuggler/Agent – Scoundrel at 74, Operative at 2
  • Warrior/Knight – Juggernaut at 63, Sentinel at 5

So in terms of “wasted” levels, there’s only my Commando – but she’s fun to play. Apparently I made some correct choices, even before I thought about this. More likely it was just pure luck – the Sage is launch day char, the BH was created a week after launch I guess and the Scoundrel might be as old, or at least from 2012.
Silly number games, anyway.

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  1. I’m curious – you’ve talked about levelling all the classes and working on Command ranks, but are you all caught up with the story? There’ve been a few expansions worth of storylines after all… 😀

  2. Sooo, I’ve finished everything including KotET once (Bounty Hunter, only skipped Oricon iirc) and started KotFE a second time (Sage). I’ve chased 6 other toons through Forged Alliances, Rishi, and Yavin. I’ve done Makeb and Ziost 7 times each. I’ve done Ilum and Battle of Ilum/False Emperor about 3-5 times. And today Oricon for the first time. I *think* I’ve seen everything ingame at least once now (excluding Ops) – with the planet story lines completely 2-3x, some parts more often than that. I’ve not done all Flashpoints yet, but as I wrote very often, I’m not a huge fan of small group content, in no MMO. And I just had to check my spreadsheet because who the hell can keep all this in their head? 😉

    1. After the KotET chapters there’s also Iokath and the traitor storyline… unless you were including these as part of KotET. I sometimes think of starting a spreadsheet for keeping track of which of my characters has done what. 🙂

      1. I’ll have to appoint you official fact checker! You’re right of course, I seem to have skipped the traitor story line and I’ve done Iokath only halfway because I didn’t enjoy it really. But that’s what I meant with “most flashpoints” – sure, it’s part of the story and I could’ve done some story mode FPs, but I kept on pushing them till later.

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