Thinking about alts again

After so many years of playing WoW I’ve amassed a number of characters, of course the goal was to have one high-level class per faction – but a few are missing.
So clearly I’m missing an Alliance Warlock (played a male Gnome one through Boralus in the BfA trial, ready to receive a 110 boost, but undecided), an Alliance Druid (got a 44 one on my other account), an Alliance Monk, an Alliance Death Knight (got a 70 one my other account), and a Horde Demon Hunter. Those 2 on the other account are quite low, so no use transferring them, as I don’t think that account will ever be reactivated. Thanks to the starter edition I just checked the 2 bank chars and they have like 600 cloth and 600 leather and a few random items.┬áThere’s also a 4x Alliance Paladin that I already had restarted and the new one is nearly 120 right now. ­čśŤ
The third Rogue, second Warrior, and┬ásecond Shaman are on a German server where some friends used to play. The third Hunter is on Argent Dawn where the blogger guild <Single Abstract Noun> played, many years ago. The Death Knight and third Priest are on the server where I had transferred my main to raid. Finally the third Warrior is on another German server where some friends played – all the others here are on my main server, or on it’s merged partner. This is really good, so I can mostly keep Horde and Alliance separate, only the second (Alliance) Rogue is old enough to be on the main server, the rest is on the other server.
There’s also a distinct lack of Rogue favoritism, they’re only a few levels in the lead over the Warriors…
Also it doesn’t help that I stopped playing regularly…
I’ve also thought about the Allied races for a while.

  • Void Elves: Moderately interesting. Progress: Never been to Argus. Effort: High
  • Lightforged Draenei: Hardly interesting, still Draenei. Progress: Never been to Argus. Effort: High
  • Dark Iron Dwarves: Very interesting, although I’m just now playing a Dwarf. Progress: Not started the War Campaign: Effort: Medium to High?
  • Kul Tiran Humans: Quite interesting. Progress:┬áNot started the War Campaign: Effort: High
  • Nightborne: Moderately interesting. Progress: 14900/21000 and mostly done Suramar on one char. Effort: Medium to Low
  • Highmountain Tauren: Moderately interesting, not different enough. Progress: Exalted and Started the quest in TB. Effort: Low I hope
  • Zandalari Trolls: Relatively interesting. Progress: Not started the War Campaign, halfway through Zuldazar. Effort: Medium to High?
  • Mag’har Orcs: Hardly interesting, I like normal Orcs. Progress:┬áNot started the War Campaign. Effort: High

So in summary I’ll try to unlock the Tauren soonish, then I’ll have a look at the two War Campaigns anyway. Maybe I’ll revisit Suramar, I was not a big fan.
Oh, and I also still have that Level 100 boost. Useful targets could be: Alliance Druid, Alliance Death Knight, Alliance Shaman on my main server. Demon Hunter would start at 98/100 anyway and I’m not sure I want to try Monk again. My least favorite class, followed by DK.
So much to do, so little time ­čÖé

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