About this crafting thing in FFXIV

Wow, I know 3 gathering + 8 crafting professions looked like a chunk of work, but maybe I underestimated how much it really is.
When I last posted I had the 3 gathering ones at 16/17 and Culinarian at 16. The next night I brought the remaining 7 ones to 10/11. All in one evening. It was a very long evening though.
Now I invested a little more time.

  • 25 Fisher
  • 21 Miner + Botanist
  • 21 Culinarian
  • 16 Carpenter
  • 15 Leatherworker
  • 11 Weaver + Alchemist
  • 10 Blacksmith + Armorer

So the current plan is to get the gathering ones to 25, incl. quest and then all the others to 15 incl. quest – then I’m “done” for now. Until I want to continue, of course…

2 thoughts on “About this crafting thing in FFXIV”

    1. Yes, I’d heard about them but not yet started them, thanks. My current idea is to make one each of all the recipes I have (until 15-20 they seem to be doable with easily gathered materials for the most part) if it looks feasible. So far I didn’t even spend real money, I guess I made more selling ~5 items than I spent on vendor mats.

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