Final Fantasy XIV

A blogging lull

My month in Eorzea ended recently, quite uneventful. I managed to get my Relic Weapon, the bow for the Bard – but I even forgot the name. It’s iLevel 615 and looks ok.

Other than that I’m hardly logging in to WoW, basically trying to earn a little money with missions and waiting for the expansions, rarely leveling my last 4 chars – but I have 2 weeks left, even a little more.

My time is spent mostly with EVE, but not much to write about.

Hello again, Eorzea

With WoW being in a real lull (we officially stopped raiding and we kinda stopped M+) I took the liberty to get at least a month of FFXIV in and catch up a bit.

Resubscribed a week ago and the first thing I did is empty my 2 free retainers of all the glamour gear. The next day I paid for retainer number 3 and 4, so I could empty at least number 4 and cancel that one for the future. My glamour dresser is now at around 680/800 – not bad, as I’ve collected quite a bit of Endwalker gear already, so this should at least be ok until the next expansion.

I managed to do all of the 6.2 MSQ very quickly (it was really good), including the trial. I noticed I had done 6.1 already just before unsubscribing at the start of the year, just the one 6.1 trial is missing.

As usual it took a bit to get acquainted again with all the currencies and what to do, but I already traded in my old tomestones, bought some 610 crafted gear on the market board (Bard is 594 now, just as WAR was with raiding Savage in 6.0) and started trying to cap the 450 Tomestones of Causality for the week, and it has worked out for both resets. Not sure what to buy yet. For now I’ve reverted back to my old main job, Bard, because I didn’t want to tank the new stuff last night, but already healed some Alliance Raid stuff, we’ll see.

WHM and RPR are at 571 iLvl, so there are some easy targets for gear and spending my old 6.0 tokens.

Main priority after grabbing some tomestones was SMN/SCH – which I had left at Level 87 – and then there’s a ton of content I need to check if I’m interested in doing.

Was a bit surprised to find this draft from day 2, so I had to rewrite parts of it. SMN/SCH was 90 pretty quickly and the last week I’ve been doing a duty roulette or two most days and got Red Mage to 67 already. My main focus is the Hildibrand quest line now, and I have finished the ARR part.

Overall it’s fine but I’m not having awesome fun. I didn’t touch the new Deliveries, I have not checked Tataru’s quests and I only briefly visited the Island Sanctuary. It’s an ok use of my time but I’m not desperate for a second month at the moment. I’ll see that I progress the things I care about but not overdo it. I guess it’s my typical way of needing goals, I can’t just subscribe to an MMO and look at the sandbox and find spontaneous fun.

Goodbye, Eorzea!

So I just cancelled my FFXIV sub before it would auto-renew next week.
It’s been 8 months and I had a blast (also 2 months longer than in 2019, when I first tried it). I started and finished Shadowbringers, I waited for the expansion to drop, I unsubbed WoW and kept FFXIV as my main MMO for some months, I played through an entire 6.0 patch cycle of Endwalker, I brought every crafter and gatherer to max-level, I raided Savage and killed 2 of 4 bosses (ok, that one’s not so much an achievement I guess). Also all the Tribal rep I started with the earnest goal of finishing them.

In the end I have 4 tanks at 90, healers at 90, 90, 87, and 74, 3 ranged dps at 90, and one melee (+ SMN at 87). I lost steam before finishing those 2, but it’s ok.

Summer is coming and I don’t want to raid in two games, and I like raiding in WoW, whereas here it was nice while it was a novel thing, but it’s not for me – so I’m glad I could step down without leaving the static hanging.

Endwalker and Patch 6.1

The big patch we’ve all been waiting for! Or wait, did I?

  • MSQ – done, it was ok
  • Tataru’s Grand Endeavor – not sure I finished it, a little confused here
  • Alliance Raid – Unlocked it, haven’t run it yet
  • Ultimate Raid – no interest
  • New Dungeon – ran it once as part of the MSQ, was kinda nice
  • New Trial – not done yet, not really keen on it
  • Housing lottery – probably good, but I’m not interested in a house
  • PvP – not interested
  • Trusts – not interested
  • MSQ Duty Roulette changed – not sure, I had used it a lot but it was boring
  • Adventurer Plates – nice, but not a gamechanger

And some stuff was pushed to 6.15 it seems:

  • New Beast Tribe – Might start these, I hope they’re for XP and not crafting
  • Custom Deliveries – meh, too late, already got all crafters to 90

So overall there are some nice things but also many things I wouldn’t even be interested in if I was still in full hype mode.

Oh, and I still haven’t done the Alliance Raid, but I kinda want to get it done before I maybe unsub at the end of the month – ah well, one more week I guess.

Fantastic goals and how to reach them

Kaylriene has a nice post about goals in FFXIV up and I always find it interesting how these goals (or even complete playstyles) can differ for different MMO players, even ones who play the same game – or in this case, even raiding the same content.

Yes, I’m winding down my activity because I found Savage Raiding not to be my thing, but I’ve had fun with my static for as long as it lasted, but I simply couldn’t care less for gear. Well, except that part of my bad damage is the gear. Not really a big part, that’s mostly on me, but it is a part nevertheless. So I gues my goal was to finish P4S, but I’m happy enough to bow out now and let the others do P3S and P4S, I managed to get 2 of them down in my first ever raid tier. I’m definitely “good” enough to not stand in things, to learn the dance, to kill the boss – but I’m not good with damage and it’s not worth fixing for me. This killed the fun for me.

I also don’t care for gold (I’m at 15m right now because it just seems to accumulate with me doing the things I do) and I’m glad I didn’t go for a house, with the plan to unsubscribe and all. Not that I am against housing, but right now I’m not in the mood and so my half-filled apartment is good enough. I did not get as many jobs to 90 as I had planned, but maybe I’ll manage to finish the last few levels of SMN/SCH – that would be number 11+12 out of 19, a comfortable rounded 2/3. And the DoH/DoL ones are all maxed as well. Let’s ignore BLU here, shall we?

While I like the 5 new glamour plates with 6.1 I’m actually let down that they didn’t increase the size of the Glamour Dresser. I’d need to count but I think I could retire one, maybe two retainers who are only holding low-level gear for future glamour purposes and nothing else.

And I guess it’s a good thing I am not achievement hunting in every game. I really wanted to get the requirements for the Battle Mentor tag done, but simply by not playing enough I’m just shy of 1100 commendations out of 1500 I need – which would be easily fixed by tanking more. Most of the other achievements are a little meh to me – I came too late to the game for them to happen and I’m not going out of my way to spend an immense amount of time doing things I wouldn’t usually do.

I also managed to finish the Namazu and Qitari Beast Tribe grinds, which means I have Endwalker, Shadowbringers, and Stormblood done completely and for Heavensward I’m only missing the Moogles. I didn’t bother with ARR really, but I got the Ixal done and am halfway through the Kobolds and started with Sahagin. Meh.

So did I reach the goals I set up for Endwalker? I’d say mostly. I raided successfully (even if a bit slow) until I lost the fun. I leveled and geared a handful of jobs.

More WoW, less FFXIV?

It’s not a real trend but with the 9 classes I actually enjoy playing all at 90, no meaningful gear upgrades to be acquired, and only 4 levels of crafter jobs missing, I’m feeling less inclined to spend my whole day in FFXIV – and this is great! I’m still doing my raiding, grinding out some reputations, slowly getting some jobs up via duty roulette, but it’s not “play the whole evening”.

On the other hand I’ve been doing a little alting in WoW again, brought my original Orc Shaman from 52 to 60 this week and my Blood Elf Warlock from 51 to 54 since yesterday. It’s mostly Threads of Fate with a few random dungeons sprinkled in. I haven’t played an alt since like week 3 of when Korthia launched and I was fed up, that must’ve been July (where I also speed-leveled a Paladin to 50).

It’s kinda braindead, it makes me relearn the class to a degree and unlike a gear grind the time is not lost, as the next expansion will come sooner or later. A point could be made about upgrading the Heirloom gear then, but if I level slow enough to be fully rested all the time there shouldn’t be a huge difference. Also enough time has passed so I am able to stomach the Shadowlands leveling again, after my ~13-14 times around Christmas 2020.

The only downside is that SWTOR is the sole loser in this match at the moment and for some reason I had the slight urge to get back to Guild Wars 2 as well lately…

The Daily Routine

I brought this on myself but currently there’s GW2 to log in for the daily login reward, then there’s EVE with all the accounts which grant a daily login award after 13:00, SWTOR (which doesn’t remember the password and needs the 2FA code) after 13:00, then I can do a few dailies and World Quests and progress the story a bit in WoW, and then I haven’t started with FFXIV.

On logging in my 3-4 retainers are waiting with their finished 18h Venture, there’s Expert Roulette for a few days to cap my highest-tier tomestones, the MSQ is too good on EXP to not queue up with a non-max level job (but at least I can browse or chat during the cutscenes), then sometimes I feel like doing the other roulettes, Trial or Level or even 50/60/70/80 (but not PvP). Then I still have some Beast Tribes to do. Pixies are really quick for good EXP on a 7x char, I started Qitari recently and want to finish Namazu – and don’t forget to check Grand Company turnins for some quick wins.

And that’s without the weeklies. Wondrous Tails, the 4 wings of Aspho on normal (especially the 4th one, but they are kinda quick), then Custom Deliveries as long as my DoH jobs are not at max level (missing Goldsmith and Leatherworker atm, both at 83ish) and maybe I even forgot something. Oh right, the Fashion thing and Cactpot. I totally gave up on Mini Cactpot, by the way.

On the other hand I feel like I’m progressing at a nice pace – all of the jobs I wanted at 90 are at 90, gear is shared inside a role (which is awesome) and I feel like I could skip most daily things if I lacked the time, which isn’t the case at the moment.

I guess it makes sense to not play too many MMOs when just one can absolutely fill your daily gaming time even if there’s plenty of it.

Speaking of WoW, I must have missed the reason why we went to Zereth Mortis, or it’s not such a cool thing that I forgot already. The zone is… ok I guess? I am completely happy to focus on just one character (which I already did in 9.1) and ignore the gear threadmill for now. I’m still at 240-241 iLvl and Sepulcher will drop 252 on normal. I am not running M+ but I’ll see that I get the World Boss done every week. Also maybe the Cypher will provide an upgrade or two, when I spent enough research.

P2S down!

Last night we finally did it and killed P2S, the second Savage fight of Endwalker’s first raid tier – after around 70 wipes (and quite a few close calls at 2-5% and enrage). Guess we’re not great but looking at the damage numbers we’re nearly as off-meta as it gets. (see below)

Really nice, except I wasn’t feeling well and made soo many mistakes. Also only a grey parse again at 4.15k DPS 🙁 Anyway, got no loot but let’s hope we can continue this.

Meanwhile I managed to get my Gunbreaker to 90, which makes it the 8th job at max level, now I just need to try to redo my bars and actually play a little at that level and not just downranked all the time. Next up: Astrologian (81.x) and Reaper (77.3), I guess. Been playing Summoner a little but I simply don’t like it, guess it’s back to Scholar (once I got Astrologian maxed) to boost the shared DPS via Healing and not the other way round. Come to think of it, it’s such an odd pair of jobs…

Killshot after P2S – RPR, WHM, DNC, NIN (back), PLD, WAR, SMN, SCH (front)

So, here’s a screenshot of the current “Top 50 for speed” on P2S, via

Top 50 Compositions for P2S

So, we have the 2%+1%of tanks, the 8% of magic dps, 17%+11% of melee DPS, the 2% WHM, basically only our Scholar is in the meta and our Dancer is not a Machinist who wouldn’t even register. Still kinda weird comp, but it’s everyone playing what they like (except the WHM who was recruited as “we a not-shield-healer”, and the Reaper originally played as a Dragoon for P1S.

More Savage Raiding and stuff

I wrote about our first visit to Asphodelos two weeks ago. Since then we managed to do P1S another time the following Sunday, this time without subs. We finished in 9:33, which was 26 seconds faster than the first kill, despite two new people, which was kinda nice already. Then we continued on to P2S with only reading up on half the tactics, but we managed to get to 80%, not yet Phase 2. But it looked good.

Next Sunday was not going to happen so we planned for Tuesday and Thursday last week, and so we went in for P1S again and finished after 2 wipes. The time was again 9:33, but with 2 deaths and a lot of damage down buffs. We all had the feeling we made so many more errors than the week before but routine seems to settle in, as shown by the time and the overall same DPS – but with deaths and personal setbacks. This is really nice. We then tried P2S again but due to time constraints only a few tries happened, but we got to Phase 2, so while we may not be quick in the grand scheme of things, for our hours invested we’re happy with the progress so far. This week we’ll be going for P1S on Tuesday and P2S on Sunday. I’d be a bigger fan of one raid day (even if these are very short), but organizing times for a static with people who work shifts and on weekends is hard. Certainly a lot harder than with a WoW guild where you just put a day and a date and it usually doesn’t matter if a single person can’t make it.

Regarding job levels I’m nearly done with all casters to 60 and I also hit 90 on Dark Knight and Dancer, but I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong because sometimes it still feels slow overall, but then again I am only doing all the roulettes and Pixie dailies, not much more…
I guess my focus is on Gunbreaker currently, then Astrologian and Machinist to 90, then maybe Scholar again. Oh, and I unlocked Reaper because I want to see the melee role quest in Shadowbringers.

Leveling progress

But on the last two weekends I finally managed to push Miner and Botanist to 90, and getting a few of the Studium Deliveries in Old Sharlayan done.

DoH/DoL jobs as of last night

Savage raiding in FFXIV

Last night we finally managed to get our static together on the third Sunday where we had planned and went into Asphodelos. Roughly 33 wipes, the last two were due to enrage and a lack of DPS, but at least we made it so far.

One of eight couldn’t make it today, but we planned to continue with 7, then sadly one more was sick, so we had to sub in two people (who had already both killed him) and after five more wipes we had him down. Yes, it was nice to get it done, but it was also a bit of a letdown because it wasn’t “the team”, despite us just having started now in this expansion and most of us not having played together ever, or not recently. And one of the replacement folks was a reaper who did 20.8% of the damage, versus an average 15.x for the other 3 dps.

This is not to lay blame on them in any way, of course. I was parsing 1% (instead of 0%) on Warrior, but at least I was over 10% better than yesterday – with 3.51k DPS (2.08m damage, 8.73%), and I shouldn’t be behind our Paladin MT – so I’m certainly not in a position to criticize them.

Anyway, raiding is moderately fun but I am not and will probably never be a fan of how DPS-focused all the non-DPS jobs in FFXIV are, at least compared to WoW. That’s currently my number one downside in this game. If I am healing I want to heal and not perfect my DPS rotation, if I am tanking I want to do other things than paying attention to my DPS rotation.

It just feels bad if I am learning a new class (and as I played my Warrior just a little before Endwalker, and never did any “hard” content, I am counting it as new) and no matter how good it feels to be doing all the mechanics correctly and mitigating at the right time, if you get a 1% parse it kinda sucks. Then again I looked at some of the numbers, a #1000 kill in ~8:17 instead of our 10:00 (Enrage), the numbers for some random Warriors are:

  • Orange 95% parse, 5,24k DPS, 2.61m damage, 10.96%
  • Purple 78% parse, 5.04k DPS, 2.4m damage, 10.55%
  • Blue 74% parse, 4.86k DPS, 2.42m damage, 10.17%
  • Blue 50% parse, 4.75k DPS, 2.38m damage, 9.99%
  • Green 39% parse, 4.66k DPS, 2.32m damage, 9.74%
  • Grey 18% parse, 4.36k DPS, 2.17m damage, 9.12%

So I guess around 4.5k would be the benchmark to be good enough for Green, so that would probably be a reasonable goal. Or maybe getting to 10-15% first 😛