Money well spent?

I was lamenting on Twitter a bit that leveling in BfA for the 2nd time (Horde) and 3rd time (Alliance) wasn’t sparking a lot of joy for me so maybe I should stray from the well trodden path of Drustvar -> Tiragarde -> Stormsong and Vol’dun -> Zuldazar -> Nazmir or mix it up somehow, but I didn’t get a lot of feedback.
After Joar (master of alts) told me there were now 120 Heirlooms in game (which I had totally missed) I went on a buying spree (compared to my usual hoarding) and upgraded a set of 90 Plate Heirlooms to 120. Head/Shoulders/Chest/Legs/Ring/Cloak – that’s 6 items. 3 Upgrades each, priced at 1000g, 2000g, and 5000g. So that’s 48k. Ouch.
On the upside, my freshly transferred Night Elf Warrior flew through Level 112 and is now 113.5 after a quick dungeon run for some profession quest for a guildmate. On equipping I was a little unhappy because the Heirlooms are only iLvl 223ish and I had already acquired 2 280 Azerite pieces. But +50% XP is probably worth it.
Also I at least thought about if this makes sense first, but I have quite some Plate wearers (and none at 120 yet) that will benefit from this gear:

  • 112 NE Warrior
  • 111 Troll Warrior
  • 101 BE Paladin
  • 100 UD Death Knight
  • 55 Draenei? Death Knight (planned)

It’s a bit of a shame I already leveled one Plate wearer, 2 Leather wearers and most of one Mail wearer. Then again the Heirlooms weren’t ingame, but I could’ve sped up the NE Warrior’s journey from 101 to 110. Ah well, we’ll see how this works out and if I’ll buy another set. I think I have just enough gold to justify the other 3x32k (without ring and cloak).

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