Blaugust 2019

Although I had a lot of fun doing Blaugust last year – I did 31 posts in August and 52 consecutive days in total, I guess I’m gonna sit out this year. I’m not hyped for anything, I’ve nothing new to say about WoW (continuing to play, even winding down a bit after getting flying, no plans to raid) and FFXIV (ok, it is new to me but everyone else is already finished with Shadowbringers already ( well, everyone except Naithin) and I’ve a few goals but am in no rush) and no new games planned. The SWTOR expansion is supposed to launch soonish, but it’s still too far off to commit.

This wasn’t really a great year overall and I’m not in the mood to commit to anything, although Bronze might be easily doable even with traveling for a few days. Maybe I’ll change my mind last minute as I often do 😛

Anyway, here’s Belghast’s full post and I wish everyone participating good luck and hopefully as much joy as I had last year.

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  1. Yes, come on and join anyway! Bloggers unite! 🙂 I expect my attention to be all over the place as well and to make matters worse I’ll be on my summer holiday during August – but we can still contribute to the good spirit with a few posts.

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