I’m stuck on a boat

On the one hand it’s kind of a bit of work, on the other hand it’s too easy and too good to not take advantage of, so right now I’m trying to run at least one mission per day per 120 character as long as I have resources. Not that I need all of the followers at artifact level, but the rewards and the rep especially are kind of worth it. If only it weren’t 15 toons…

I’m also trying to take advantage of the Darkmoon Faire 10% XP buff. My Horde Paladin finished Legion this week and right now I’m working on Dwarf Hunter and Gnome Rogue in Legion and Dwarf Shaman in BfA, because the max level count is already highly in favor of the Horde (10:5).

What I’m not doing is grinding gear – why would I? I don’t raid, I hardly run Mythics. When I ding 120 I try to grab a full set of Benthic gear and then upgrade the missing pieces (usually rings + trinkets) to around 385 as well, that’s enough work for all the toons. A few select ones are doing WQs for real upgrades, but overall I guess I’m not really bothering.

One goal I still have and that I’m missing is Flying in Legion. Maybe I should get to work on that. Also not Exalted with Mechagon and Unshackled, also something to do.

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