Professions, Professions, Professions

Sometimes I have a plan and then I’m kinda set on following it through. Darkmoon Faire starts tomorrow and so I was checking all the toons’ profession levels and see if there are some checkpoints I can pass and then grab the 5 free points in a harder stretch. Also I’ve been bad with leveling cooking this expansion. And fishing. And some of the professions in general.

So now it’s 2 am and I managed to get some stuff done:

  • 45 Fishing on 5 Alliance toons, for a total of 99 points
  • 35-45 Fishing on 9 Horde toons, for a total of 117 points
  • 50 Cooking on 5 Alliance toons (from 5x 31-32)
  • a ton of Horde toons to 50 or nearly 50 Cooking
  • 150 Kul Tiran Tailoring
  • 100 Draenor Engineering
  • 100 Draenor Inscription, last Draenor prof missing
  • 100 Kul Tiran Jewelcrafting, from mostly spare mats

But this was kinda relaxing and only took a few hours. I had enough time for a few WQs as well.

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