The army of alts in Shadowlands

So while I had the plan to only focus on my main and not do a lot of alting… I found that I needed a little EVE break and when playing so much on my main, doing daily callings, adventures, dungeons.. I need some diversion and I had some time, so I did start to level a few alts.

Most importantly, it’s also Darkmoon Faire this week, and to unlock the new profession tier you need to do the Maw intro quest. And that already pushes you to 51 if you were rested (never forget, once a new expansion is live, log in all your max-level toons once to start accumulating rested XP again). So my Hunter and Shaman finished Bastion already (both 53 now), the Paladin, Rogue and Death Knight have done the Maw intro quest (all 51 now), and on my Demon Hunter I wanted to try the “Threads of Fate” thing that lets you skip the main story, pick a covenant and level how you like. She’s 54 now and I have finished Revendreth (I picked Venthyr) but it’s not as enjoyable as I had hoped, so I guess I won’t do that again in the foreseeable future. The Hunter was actually just a little diversion when I needed a break, the DH was mostly the same, but I might pick the Shaman as my main alt, we don’t have too many of those and I could try healing again – not a fan of Holy Paladins otherwise I would’ve chosen my Paladin as main alt.

So I’m actually actively ignoring my Horde toons now – and also the Priest, Mage, Warlock, Monk, and Druid on Alliance – none of them have crafting professions, and only the Druid has 2 main professions at all. Casters and Monk, so yeah, my priorities in what constitutes fun classes is pretty clear (although Warlock isn’t so bad), but Mage and Priest rank at the bottom and Monk ranks as the worst Melee class.

Today was Sunday and because I didn’t want to run my 13 Horde + other server alts through the Maw intro, so I just hopped over to DMF on them quickly and grabbed some old profession points where needed. Quick win and not too much time wasted.

And finally I did what I had postponed for a long, long time. I’ve never been happy with my Male Pandaren Druid, so I changed him to a Female Pandaren today (thank you Blizzard for finally making this a gold cost) and then I also changed my Undead Death Knight to be Female because I’d never been 100% happy with him either, and the new transmog options are pretty awesome. And my Mage is already a Male Undead, so what’s the point in having two of them if I’m not a big fan?

Undead Death Knight at Darkmoon Faire
Pandaren Monk

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