FFXIV, 7 days later

Yeah, I can’t really believe it, but 7 of my 14 days of the free login campaign are already up and I guess their plan worked out, because I’m having a blast. Nothing I have tried so far was blocked or paywalled (I do own Shadowbringers, after all) and I think I might sub again when this 2 week thing is up. Actually thinking about pre-ordering Endwalker to get the 30% XP bonus to 81 via the new earring, the one I have was only good until 71, and I reached that on Bard already.

Waiting for a duty

Today I managed to bring Machinist to 40 and then catch up on 4 class quests I hadn’t done. Machinist at 35+40, Paladin at 50, and White Mage at 65. For now I switched my MSQ Duty Roulette to White Mage until I am 70/71, then probably gonna use Warrior. The Leveling Roulette for the Machinist for now, and the 50/60 dungeon one for Dancer, although the XP doesn’t seem to be awesome for that one, but I want the 70 White Mage set for Poetics, having completed the Ranged DPS one already.

So I seem to have a steady pace of 2-3h of content per day, but not a lot more. I dug out the Challenge Log (I think it’s weekly) and filled up a few bars for extra XP there, which meant doing a few Levequests, but I’m not keen on grinding those out. Same for dungeons, really.

I also stumbled upon the Restoration of Ishgard quest line and did a bit of that.

My main problem right now seems to be differentiating between quests with a blue mark which are interesting (like the Restoration), which are completely useless or not interesting (Extreme Trials), and which are important (no idea, maybe none?).

But yes, overall I’m very happy. And I can’t wait to get familiar with the dungeons again so I can tank and heal and not just DPS.

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