Sanctum of Domination, 4 weeks in

What I wanted to do: Write a post about our third week of raiding (on the 27th or 28th).

What I didn’t do: write the post.

Anyway, in week 2 we were 8/10 and in week 3 we recleared either 6 or 7 bosses on Sunday, I think it was only 6 because Painsmith was a bit painful that week. But on Tuesday we managed to get Kel’Thuzard down, bringing us to 9/10 Normal. And of course I didn’t write down our rank.

Starting this post on Sunday of week 4, after the raid, we actually downed Sylvanas (can’t say killed because the fight ends at 50%) with our extended ID and I have to say… it was a bit meh actually.

When I watched the tactics videos it looked at least a little epic and/or a lot going on, but we had a first try with getting into P3 already, but wiping quickly. Then a good 2nd try where we wiped at 50.3% (a classic), then we had a bugged try #3 which I won’t count, because she teleported away in Phase 2 and cast Ruin before the bridge was there, so either nobody or nobody except a Hunter could’ve interrupted that. And then we won in try 4 (or 3), which was a bit messy and she did raze the 4th platform but we had enough cooldowns to nuke it. Very anti-climactic. Then our RL got a half-done id and we did Guardian and Fatescribe, then our 2 hours were up already.

I even forgot to take a kill shot. But it was only normal and no one bothered anyway.

Now says we’re world rank ~10700 or ~10300, no idea how you can have a different rating for “Sylvanas” and “10/10 Normal SoD” (I just noticed I misread the numbers, need to update the other post) and realm ~170. My old guild seems to be 8/10 now, for World ~13200 and realm ~25.

Kinda interested what we will do on Tuesday, if there will be another id for bosses 1-6 or if we will just do Kel’Thuzad, I’m guessing the former.

So we went in, wiped a bit on Kel’Thuzad in the old ID, then cleared bosses 1-5 without any problems and then after the 2h were up officially ended the raid, but everyone who had a few more minutes could stay for Painsmith. Around 13 of 20 did and we killed him again on the second try. Not bad, considering we had like 3-4 people who hadn’t done him as there was quite a bit of achievement spam. First week where we cleared everything I guess, even if in a very weird order. Boss #10, #7, #8, #9, #1-6.

It’s Blaugust again and this is post number 2.

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