The war has ended

Some parties in the war are claiming they’ve won World War Bee II, and… it’s complicated.

Goonswarm is (rightfully) claiming they’ve won by not losing. Vily (of TEST) is claiming that the PAPI coalition has won simply by not being the Goonswarm, who were boxed into one constellation for a while. But their defenses didn’t break, and we (PAPI) didn’t manage to win.

That’s why our (BRAVE) (new full, ex-interim) CEO Dunk Dinkle declared that we (PAPI) lost, in a refreshing honesty that wasn’t very common in this war (from all parties). And while I agree with the assessment of the situation, I would have called it an unfavorable stalemate that’s worth abandoning. But I’ve not been involved in the war for quite a while, so I accept that “we lost”.

And this is great. My whole hope for the last year had been that the blue donut would be broken up and we could go back to have fun again. I’ve no love for the goons, but this war in it’s original motivation and with TEST’s plan was simply stupid. It’s not that we (BRAVE) could’ve really said we wouldn’t join, but it still sucked that we lost our space in Catch (and Impass, but I never liked Impass anyway). Querious is nice, but to me there was nothing wrong with Catch.

Anyway. We’re evaccing now because our leadership thinks the goons will come for us soon. I personally think they will go after TEST first and not BRAVE, but we are kinda close and I guess it’s warranted. I hate moving, but this time I was quite better prepared than last time.

The only thing that REALLY sucks is tearing down my PI setup, again. I’m not sure I’ll do this again in this form, but I probably will do it again in some form, but not in the near future.

So maybe there will hopefully be more EVE posts again on this blog in the near future. The war has ended and I prefer losing 10 times over it continuing. Even if the goons are coming for us, it’s not the same war. If you’re interested in what happened in the war, Wilhelm wrote at length about it, every single week. I didn’t read any of those war update posts, not because he’s a goon, but because I was so not into this war that I even stopped reading about it, even there. I’m pretty sure I read about EVE on Wilhelm’s blog before I even started playing in 2013, so that might tell you something.

Here’s a random Astrahus in Querious where I am docked right now, maybe there won’t be many more Querious pics

The next few weeks and months will certainly be very interesting. Alliances leaving coalitions, corps leaving alliances, players leaving corps. People joining their comrades in other alliances, people going to the former enemy. I’m sure we’ll lose some people, as will most of the other alliances. My guess is that Legacy will stop existing in its current form. I’m optimistic though and I’m looking forward to the future, because I’m happy in BRAVE.

It’s Blaugust again and this is post number 4.

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