Taking a beating again

Apparently we were a tank short last night so I got asked if I’d do it again. And it seems to help if you have an officer friend who trusts you, but then again it was only normal, but more like: people knew I was tanking Heroic Nathria progression, and it wasn’t as if I had begged to tank.

Gear in Shadowlands is really, really weird. At first my 213 items were selected for best damage, as we progressed in the tier on Heroic and I was tanking more, some enchants were switched. Now all my 226 SoD gear is pure dps again and so I just swapped out two two-hand weapons to 1h + shield and the trinkets. My 226 DPS gear is still a lot better than my few pieces of 213 tanking gear. I’m not complaining, but it’s a little weird.

Anyway, nothing bad happened, I didn’t mess up, we killed 7 bosses, I think we had no wipes. Might have managed 8 but the start was a little slower than usual and we were missing some key players. I know I made a few errors but I noticed and it wasn’t major, so for once I’m actually happy with my performance there and my fear that I was a big part of the problem why we didn’t kill Heroic Sire was alleviated a little. I basically never feared for my life, even with tank busters, in my 225 ilvl gear (maybe a tad overgeared, but not overly so) compared to my 217ish on the 220 iLvl boss in the 213 instance. But mechanically the fights do seem to be a bit easier than Nathria. A taunt here or there, some mitigation at times, and a lot of (easy) positioning. No running through mirrors at least.

I still hope we have our 2nd tank back on Tuesday as I really need to work on my dps numbers and I’m currently basically only raidlogging and doing 15mins of dailies, with all the EVE stuff happening.

It’s Blaugust again and this is post number 7.

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