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I know I’m late to the party but this week I played Among Us for the first time. I’d actually gotten it via Epic at some point, so no 3 EUR for the developers, boo.

It’s a fun game, we played with 7-12 people, and I already knew around half of them.

The Among Us Lobby

My main gripe is that it doesn’t seem particular beginner friendly, or maybe I’m just not the right audience. Sure, I knew the premise and I grasped the basic game play.

But two important things – first I hadn’t already developed a sense of how a dead body looks (I was moving fast to do my tasks) and it happened twice that I arrived at a body at the same time as someone else and clicked it (like you click your tasks) and in that exact moment the other person had reported. So I learned “click to report”, which is wrong though. The second thing is the loud alarm. No one told me and I did not notice you had to run to a certain room and do something, the others just did it and the alarm went away. It might have even been in the short ” how to play intro” you can click through, but it’s like 5 screenshots and as exciting as a powerpoint presentation. So I managed to get through like 3h of game play without noticing some key elements, which is a bit bad. I think we would have noticed with a smaller group, but because there are SO few rules I am still a bit puzzled.

I liked that you can just choose a name per game and also that the cosmetic options are good enough for starting out.

Anyway, it’s fun and I’ll join if they play again.

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  1. I’ve not played Among Us extensively but played a few times with some other blogger friends and while the game concept is easy enough to master there is a LOT of quite specific game knowledge to pick up.

    What animations for jobs look like, what jobs are short jobs vs. long jobs and the difference in faking them if people are watching, and much, much more I’m not currently remembering.

    I watched a few videos at the time to try learn more about it, but while I retained some of the info I ultimately decided it wasn’t a game I was *that* interested in. A more casual level of play was absolutely fine by me. xD

    1. Yeah, I mean it sounded fun enough but it never came up so I didn’t organize something during the early 2020 hype phase. And now I think it’s a fun “party” game, just from home. I don’t have any aspirations but I at least want to stop making rookie mistakes 🙂

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