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Played some non-MMO games this week. Shocking, I know.

First up is Ironcast, which I found in my Epic Games library. (Still gonna link to Steam as well). It’s basically a match-3 but you’re in a Victorian Steampunk Mech and the match-3 is only to grab resources (Ammo, Energy, Coolant, Repair) – you have only 3 tries to match per round, and mostly you need to survive and shoot the enemy. Or collect X crates on the field. Or salvage. And if you die you keep your level, but not your unlocks. Oh, and you can upgrade your mech with abilities and better weapons etc. It’s really fun and I played for a few hours.

Then there’s The World Next Door (Steam) which also seems to be a match-3 but kinda realtime. The story seems a bit thin, but I was excited to try this – unfortunately I can’t play it without a controller. When you enter battle you move with the arrow keys and when over a match, you press C to attack the closest enemy with that match. This would be fine, but if you need to swap tiles you need to stand on it, press X, move to the target, press X again and then C to attack. I gave up in the second fight because I find this impossible to do with the keyboard alone, and I don’t have a controller.

But I did find another gem here, Death Coming (Steam). Here you play the Grim Reaper’s pixelated assistant and you need kill (nearly) all NPCs on the map by causing accidents. This is so fun!

And it reminded me of The Incredible Machine, a 1993 DOS game I loved. I found a site where you can play it in the browser, and then I also spent a while on that.

The Incredible Machine

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