It’s a weird month. Lost Ark launched and I wanted to take a look. Today SWTOR’s new expansion Legacy of the Sith launched and I actually patched, logged in, and tried out the new character creation. We got a date for WoW’s 9.2 patch and I’m unsure if I want to get back and raid.

All this and I’m kinda busy with FFXIV. We seem to have added a 2nd (short) raid day without me really noticing and hardly anyone needs any drops from P1S anymore on their main class. We made some good progress on P2S already and maybe Sunday we’ll succeed… at least my EVE sub lapses in a few days, so I’d technically be free to pay for a 2nd MMO again (with my self-imposed limit of a maximum of 2 concurrent subs).

The question is if I want to. Maybe I’ll manage to find out if I can get by on my Preferred SWTOR account and have a meaningful peek without having to sub right now, then give WoW a chance for a single month, and then see how I feel about either of them…

Bad timing, this month is too busy.

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