GW2 progression

Today I caught another Hero Point train, sadly I was too late to get the HoT intro done, guess I should come prepared for next weekend, as those only seem to happen on the weekend. They’re advertising them as EU/NA so maybe I couldn’t actually join the NA ones?

Anyway, the Guardian now has all HPs for the full Dragonhunter spec, the Mesmer has full Chronomancer and Mirage (never tried that one) and the Warrior has Berserker unlocked. So I guess I’ll try the Necro next, as I’m not really interested in completing Spellbreaker or Firebrand at the moment, and not even entertaining Thief or Ranger.

I ground out enough Winterberries this week that I could buy an Ascended Trinket, so that’s only Backpack and one Trinket missing for a full set. Guess I should continue with the PoF story now as I am supposed to get a Backpack there.

Been focusing a little on WoW this week, but GW2 is still fun every time I log in. I really love that there’s no rush. In WoW I’d be saying “if I grind out my gear slowly it might be moot in 3 months”. Well, I actually am kinda grinding out gear in ZM, but whatever 😛

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