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Somehow this week was bad. Didn’t sleep well, wasn’t enthusiastic about anything, not a lot of progress.

I guess the biggest downer was opening the Great Vault chest on Wednesday after work and, surprise, no Head or Chest piece so I could complete my 4-set Tier bonus. Got some nice 278 Boots but they’re a 114 DPS upgrade according to the sim. I already ranted on Twitter how not fun gearing is if a jump from 252-non BiS to 278 (max iLvl)-non-BiS is a mathematical 1% increase in DPS, especially if your class simply doesn’t seem to click with you this raid tier.

See tomorrow’s raid post for details.

What was a little more positive that I’ve been running some old raid instances for transmogs again for the last three weeks and last night I actually managed to get the belt for the Warlock Corruptor’s set, the last missing piece! Still trying for the Rogue Deathmantle T5 chest from KT in The Eye on 2 Rogues per week… And a Plate belt from Morchok in Dragon Soul, and one Paladin item from Trilliax in Nighthold…

Corruptor Raiment, my favourite Warlock set

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