Path of Fire complete

Not too long ago I finished Path of Fire after rejoining with my leveling partner after a few years 😛

I liked the expansion and it was fun, although it was actually a little too easy with two people. Maybe we’re still a little traumatized from Heart of Thorns at launch where we’d regularly die to a single pack while just trying to get to a pojnt of interest…

Only the final boss fight is really annoying and we died a lot, but I wouldn’t say it’s ‘hard’ hard, just.. bad? Maybe you can find out how to position yourself better and to kill what in which order, but it’s not very intuitive. I had the feeling I was always standing in something on a melee char if I wanted to hit something, the Mesmer had it slightly better.

Also what’s with the story instances and only the main person being able to click anything?

Anyway, we also found out that you can get the Jackal if you don’t have the third Skimmer skill yet (higher jumps) if a Mesmer gives you a portal to get onto the ledge so you can run up to the Heart quest (or teleport to friend also works, I guess?). I was so looking forward to this and now I’m happy.

Jackal Mount

Next up is Living World Season 4 that we plan to tackle as a duo next week, then probably try to catch up with the story, but I haven’t thought End of Dragons yet and I think we have Season 4 and Icebrood Saga to go anyway.

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