Not what I wanted, but I’ll take it

Didn’t play much properly this week, but I’m still going to Tempest Keep for my T5 Rogue Chest.

Didn’t drop, of course (on Rogue one of two doing this).

Ashes of Al’ar

But I’m not complaining this week.

Edit: it’s the next morning, 12 hours later, and I ran again with the Human Rogue and it actually dropped! Deathmantle is complete, no more Tempest Keep! 😀

2 thoughts on “Not what I wanted, but I’ll take it”

    1. Thanks!
      Yep, wowhead says 1.7% and that feels accurate from how people lament. I do have to say I am pretty sure I ran it 20 times at least, so it’s not a total luck out.

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