Guild Wars 2 and grouping

As I wrote a while ago, we started doing Living World Season 4 and I am completely unhappy with it. On the weekend one part of a story instance didn’t properly complete for me (someone else’s instance) although we made sure were close together and waiting when going for a next step and now I guess I have to repeat a (long) part, this has happened for the third time now. So basically in all three acts we did I had to repeat a very lengthy part now and I don’t see how much more attention I have to pay, maybe having both computers next to each other and actually listening to the audio of the instance owner before wandering off for as much as a few steps.

I’m literally still pissed, I was looking forward to finally not having to play solo anymore and now we’re bordering on 2h wasted just to repeat something. People on the subreddit told me it shouldn’t be bugged per se, but I don’t know how much more coordination you can do… The story is nice, the rewards are good, but man do I hope needing to rerun it instantly because it bugged out…

For now we’ll probably stick to me starting the instances so that at least not always the same person who needs to repeat everything. Also if it was only a short part I wouldn’t even complain. But the three parts where it happened (The First City, The Road to …, Forearmed is Forwarned) are really long. Bah.

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