Raiding Sepulcher – weeks 14-19

Oh boy, again forgot to post about this and need to try to puzzle it back together from logs…

Sunday the 5th Anduin fell, then we continued extending but still sometimes killing Pantheon for the Trinket if time allowed.

Week 16 on Tuesday we managed to kill Lords of Dread, getting up to 9/11 Heroic.

Just before Blizzard announced that Season 3 (and with it the AOTC achievement) would only last until August 2nd, we kinda cancelled our Tuesday raid for lack of interest. This is a bit of a shit timing in my opinion. Like many others I was kinda looking forward to Season 4 as a fun diversion, but only after we got AOTC – and announcing there’d only be a month left for this kinda hard tier was a bit of a letdown.

Week 19 saw us continuing progress on Rygelon, best try is 36% with 17 people in the raid, but unclear if Tuesday would happen, at least it was put back on the menu and not outright cancelled.

Tuesday was a bit of a letdown, with some nerfs announced for tomorrow we voted close to 50/50 to raid at all, despite 16 people there. In the end we tried Rygelon for an hour, went to 20ish percent and then called it after the break and did two M+ groups instead to get a few people more Great Vault chests. Not a waste of time, but I would’ve preferred to raid.

Let’s see what Sunday brings, we’ll have 4 full weeks now it seems and two bosses are missing.

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