Vault of the Incarnates – week 4

On Sunday we managed to clear all of Normal in 2h (ok, maybe it was 2h and 10 minutes) for the first time, so Tuesday was all set for Heroic. Eranog was either one-shot or we had one wipe as we need to work on positioning, Terros needed a few tries to get the cooldown usage and spike positioning down but I wouldn’t say it was hard. I was very pessimistic about Council because our tries on Normal were complete madness with everyone running around like headless chicken, but people seemed to get a grip quickly. I think our best try was like 5%, so definitely doable, but unfortunately we ran out of time there, would’ve been nice – but we got 2 bosses on Heroic for the chest, that might help. Also 2nd week of catalyst today, that should hopefully push most people to the tier set bonus at 4 pieces, but we might be a tad overgeared again already. The loot is iLvl 402 and people like me at 390 are kinda at or above Normal level and some of us are at 400 or 402 already.

Also while I had bought a WoW token already a week ago, I did resubscribe for 6 months last night before the raid, because I actually had only a few hours left and might have been disconnected mid raid. I do hope it wasn’t a bad choice and I’ll stop playing again in a bit, but then you only pay for 5 months, I was subscribed for 10 or so months last year, I like the game, so why not. As I’ve seen in the past, with this guild raidlogging and just doing 5h per week is totally fine, if it comes to that – and I “only” brought 7 toons to 70 and have not started an Evoker, so while I’m already paying attention to not burn out on the gear grind in this first raid tier, just collecting a few pieces and actually just playing the game at max level on a few classes has been fun. Our gear threshold for raiding normal was 370 and I beat that with 3 chars (1 more at 369ish) and now I still could choose one of 4 above 380, but the other 3 are between 344 and 368 and I’m not actively hunting gear, or rep. Just doing a WQ here and there and as many weeklies as I’m having fun doing. Anyway, there is lots to do and I haven’t even touched any of the Horde toons, but of course my Orc Rogue must at least get to max level.

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  1. I actually switched my sub to 6-months recurring myself the other day. I started Classic with 3-months recurring, and when I had a bad time in TBC Classic I dropped down to one month at one point, as I was starting to think about cancelling. But now I’m enjoying myself in Classic era, and Dragonflight is fun, so it seems safe to say that I’ll keep getting value out of my sub for a while!

    1. Yeah, unfortunately all the other versions still don’t evoke any feeling of wanting to play, but I’m hopeful I can keep busy 😛 I mean, if my 52 Rogue was still on Classic, I kinda wanted to get her to 60 but that ship has sailed…

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